ALCHEMY: Michel Leroy Photographs Athletes in Black and White (NSFW)

"It took months of experimenting with different techniques and combinations of digital and film equipment to achieve this unique in-camera look. " photographer Michel Leroy tells us about his series Alchemy.

"It is the combination of gear and lighting that gives the skin the unique dark metallic look not body paint or Photoshop. " Tonight, Michel is unveiling the images from the project to the public at a gallery opening in NYC. Michel is a commercial photographer these days after a previous life as a photojournalist. So when it came to Alchemy, Michel was all about creating a series of images that helped him with his experiments. He wanted to explore a single idea in depth. So he went about collaborating with a number of athletes and experimenting to get this look all in-camera with no photoshop. .

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2018-1-25 14:00