Swedish motorbike company CAKE has launched r photographers, describing the bike as a 'mobile studio. ' introduced in late 2019 as CAKE's second model following its Kalk platform. The new electric utility motorcycle is designed to function as a 'power station on wheels,' according to CAKE; it features a top speed of 100 km/h (63mph), range up to 100km (63mi), 65kg (143lb) weight, 6061 aluminum frame, 7050 aluminum handlebars and both medium and large battery options to suit different user needs.

The full bike specs are available on CAKE's website.

Buyers can get nd takes around three hours to go from zero to 100% charged.

In addition to the outlets for powering larger equipment, the motorcycle also features a built-in 5V outlet for charging smaller items like phones and a single 12V outlet for 'medium duty' items.

CAKE is currently accepting $200 deposits on DPReview has inquired about getting a review unit, but we can't promise we'll get our hands on one.



2020-2-13 21:37