Laowa fisheye answers the call of the wide

Laowa has announced a fisheye lens with a far-reaching 210 angle of view for Micro Four Thirds cameras. The 4mm f/2. 8 lens offers the equivalent to an 8mm fisheye on a full-frame camera and has the trademark bulbous front lens element to produce unique fisheye images, complete with maximum optical distortion.

Sony a7RIV v Nikon Z7

Sony set a new benchmark when it recently released the Sony a7RIV, the highest resolution full-frame sensor camera on the market. Offering 61-megapixels, the new Sony even beats full-frame DSLRs and builds on the success of its predecessor, the Sony a7RIII.

6 megapixel monsters you can buy today

Big megapixel cameras may cost more than regular models, but this is because they deliver so much more resolution. Professional photographers need big resolution to not only create big prints (think billboard ads), but also to offer more tolerance for heavy cropping in processing software such as Photoshop or Lightroom.

Confirmed: Nikon to make a mirrorless version of the D5

It was back in 2016 when Nikon pulled the covers off its newest professional-level action camera. The D5 was (and still is) an amazing camera, packing a 21-megapixel full-frame sensor, capable of shooting up to 14 Frames Per Second (FPS), sporting an advanced 153-point AF system and offer users the ability to shoot 4K video footage.

Canon EOS R v Panasonic S1

Camera brands know that the full-frame mirrorless market is where the real battle if currently being fought in todays photographic world and now shooters have a lot of options to choose from, with Canon, Nikon, Sony and Panasonic all offering excellent options.

What can we expect from the Sony A7S III?

Theres nothing like a big announcement to set the rumour mill into overdrive, and so it proved to be when Panasonic teased some of the top-line video specs for its forthcoming S1H late last month.

Five ways GoPro can bounce back

DJI has launched the Osmo Action, an insanely cool action camera that goes head to head with GoPro's Hero7 Black. This is not the first time DJI and GoPro have locked horns, but it is the first time DJI has launched an action camera, which has always been GoPros core market.

Canon RP v Canon 6D MkII

Canon brought the mould when it brought full-frame DSLR cameras to the masses with the launch of the original 6D way back in 2012. The camera was a huge success and spawned the 6D MkII replacement in 2017.

Sonys animal eye AF technology is straight-up magic

Hey Sony shooters, own the a7 III or a7R III? If the answer is yes, then youre going to benefit from the latest firmware upgrade for the cameras that introduces a new autofocus mode that could well have been borrowed from a science-fiction film Along with Real-Time Eye AF and Interval shooting, the Version 3.

Battle Of The Big Guns Set To Kick-Off?

With all the full-frame mirrorless models that have been released recently, photographers could be forgiven for taken their eye off the top-of-the-range DSLR big guns that have helped Nikon and Canon be the brands of choice for professional sports and wildlife photographers for years.

Olympus E-M1X Field Test

Olympus turns 100 this year and a lot of the hype around the anniversary came to a head when the brand announced the release of the E-M1X. This pro-spec camera saw Olympus move away from their typical market of street and portrait photographers who appreciate a small and lightweight camera.

5 Solutions For Brands To Save Photography

The latest CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association) figures have been released and the numbers dont make for good reading in fact theyre enough to make every person working in the photography industry wince.

5 Mirrorless Cameras Perfect For Beginners

You never forget your first camera. Mine was a Miranda Automex III which, despite not being fully functional, sparked my interest in photography and Ive been hooked ever since. If youre looking to take your first steps up the photography ladder, youve come to the right place.

Tamron Develops Three New Fast-Aperture Lenses

On the lookout for some new fast glass? Tamron has announced the development of a trio of new full-frame lenses and there is something for both DSLR and mirrorless shooters with the optics scheduled to hit the market in mid-2019.

Check Out 2018s Best Landscape Shots

Just announced, the results of the International Landscape Photographer of the Year contest are definitely going to blow away some of your winter cobwebs. Many stunning images have been rewarded this year, and the contest was fierce with over 3000 entries competing for a prize pool that included US$10,000 in cash.

Heres What We Know About The Rumoured Canon RP

The dust has barely settled on the launch of the Canon EOS R, the brands first-ever full-frame mirrorless camera, yet internet reports suggest Canon could be about to follow up by adding a second full-frame mirrorless body very soon.

Why Photographers Should Always Have A Plan B!

They say that in photography, planning is everything. And, for the large part this is wise advice - especially for landscape photographers like myself who are at the mercy of weather and light levels.

Heres What We Know About The Sharp 8K Camera

The annual CES Show in Las Vegas served up a whole bunch of new products, but perhaps the most surprising and least expected was Sharp showcasing an 8K camera that looks set to do battle with the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

Lexar Launches Worlds First 1TB SDXC Card!

Its a scenario most photographers have experienced. Youre in full-flow, capturing great images with when, suddenly, you get a message on the back of the camera telling you the card is full. But thanks to Lexar, this roadblock should be a thing of the past as the brand has now launched a 1TB SD card called the Lexar Professional 633x SDXC UHS-I.

Raise A Glass To 2018's Best Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is one of the toughest genres in the industry, with no second chances and a demand for coolness under pressure and split-second timing. In short, its not for the faint-hearted and the best of the best have been recognised in the International Wedding Photographer of the Year awards.

Could The Sony A7000 Be The Greatest APS-C Camera Ever Made?

New camera rumours are a funny old thing. They start with some wild suggestions that often prove to be well wild of the mark, but as the anticipated launch date approaches, these rumours filter down and are typically very close to what eventually appears on launch day.

Nikon D3500 v Canon EOS 200D

Mirrorless cameras havent taken over the photographic world just yet and, as if to prove the point, the entry-level sector of the DSLR market is a fierce battleground. Old adversaries Canon and Nikon are keen to get the beginner hooked into their respective systems in the hope that they remain with the brand they choose now for many years to come.

Canon 5D MkIV Vs Canon EOS R

Canon has enjoyed being top of the tree in the DSLR market for years and years, but most people agree that they were very late to the mirrorless party. This all changed however when Canon launched the brands first-ever full-frame mirrorless camera - the EOS R - in August 2018.

6 Cameras Wed Like To See In 2019

2018 has been a great year for cool kit. Weve had products like the Sony a7III, Panasonics GH5S, the GoPro Hero 7 along with epic new arrivals like the Mavic 2 drones and Fujis X-T3. But as its the end of the year, thoughts turn to the next 12 months and whats to come.

Check Out The Years Most Stunning Images

It takes a very special photo to be crowned as Grand Prize winner in Nat Geos annual photo contest, but Jassen Todorovs image showcasing thousands of recalled cars juxtaposed against an airplane in the Mojave Desert is exactly that.

The Winning (And Losing) Camera Brands In 2018

As Christmas parties start and work begins to shut down for another year, its a time to reflect on the last 12 months. Its been another hugely busy and important year for the photo industry, but some brands have been busier than others.

Wave GoodBye To Your Wide-Angle!

The first thing youre told as a fresh-faced landscape photographer is get yourself a wide-angle lens. And with good reason, too. The broad view that a wide-angle lens gives, and the way it will exaggerated the scale of anything close to you immediately make sense; you can cram big views into your pictures, and make foregrounds pop with texture and detail.

Kodaks AZ1000 Features A 102x Optical Zoom & Shoots 4K Video

Kodak is ramping up its range of cameras by pulling the covers off the brands latest superzoom, the AZ1000. Boasting an insane 102x optical zoom, the camera was first announced at the Photokina Show and features a built-in lens that gives photographers a vast and versatile 35mm equivalent focal range of 19-1989mm (f/3-6.

Pick Your Next Portrait Lens

If youre serious about taking better portraits, then one thing you can do is invest in a lens that caters specifically for the subject. People will tell you that a great portrait can be shot on any lens, and thats true, but certain types of optics just make it easier to be successful.

How To Pick The Right Bag For Your Style Of Photography

Camera bags are often seen as somewhat of an afterthought, with photographers focusing on what camera body and lens combination they want to spend their money on. However, your bag is more important than you may realise and will play a vital part in your photography experience.

Why some of Sonys Best Cameras were DSLRs, not Mirrorless!

Ten years ago, Canons 5D MkII and the Nikon D700 were the most popular full-frame DSLRs on the planet and sold in their thousands. In 2008 mirrorless cameras were just starting out as Olympus and Panasonic co-launched the Micro Four-Thirds system.

Nikon Z7 vs Sony a7RIII

Theres been no more hotly-contested sector in the industry this year than full-frame mirrorless market. Even before Panasonic announced its S1 development models at Photokina, Canon had pulled the covers off its EOS R, and Nikon brought two full-frame models to the market, the Z6 and Z7.

9 Images that Show the Lighter Side of Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography can be a serious be a serious business as the genre is a great platform to raise awareness about important conservation or environmental issues. However, theres still some for some lighter moments especially as photographers often spend hours upon hours out in the field.

The Zeiss ZX1 is a Full-Frame Camera with Built-in Lightroom

One of the most innovative cameras announced at the Photokina Show in Germany was the Zeiss ZX1. Considered a premium compact, the quirky design with a proud grip shape is one thing, but its what is inside the curved body that is really grabbing the headlines.

The Fuji SQ20 is a Instax Camera that also Shoots Video

Fuji has been offering photographers a good choice of Instax cameras for a while now, but at the Photokina Show in Germany, the brand served up a real first thanks to the new SQ20. Fuji are calling the SQ20 a hybrid camera and it manages to do three jobs instead of one.

Heres All the Cool Gear that could be Launched at Photokina 2018

If youve never heard of Photokina, its actually a massive photo show held every two years in Cologne, Germany and the sheer scale of the event needs to be seen to be believed. The show is changing slightly to move to an annual event from next year, but its also traditionally the place where photography brands like to launch their biggest products.

How and When to Sell your Camera for the Best Price

Cars, phones, games consoles. . . Lets face it, its always nice to upgrade and have a new model bursting at the seams with the latest features. And, its no different with cameras - especially as brands are releasing new models and updates at a faster rate than ever.

Give any Image a Hollywood Makeover in Five Steps

Picture the scene; youre sat at the computer looking at an image and. . . well. . . its just not really working. You know the composition is good enough but somehow the picture isnt jumping off the screen.

5 Quick and easy landscape photography tricks

Landscape photography is one of the most popular genres going, but that means that finding ways to make your images stand out from the crowd is becoming harder than ever. The solution, as with most things in photography is to be creative and try new approaches to your picture taking.

5 Quick and Easy Landscape Photography Tricks

Landscape photography is one of the most popular genres going, but that means that finding ways to make your images stand out from the crowd is becoming harder than ever. The solution, as with most things in photography is to be creative and try new approaches to your picture taking.

Nikons Full-Frame Mirrorless; have the Specs Just Leaked?

Its no secret that Nikons full-frame mirrorless camera cant be that far away from being launched. A couple of months back, we reported that Kimito Uemura, Executive Officer at Nikon Imaging Japan, had confirmed the development during an interview at the CP+ show in Japan.

10 Ways to travel light with your camera

Travelling brings you closer to great locations and photo opportunities that you may otherwise not be able to capture. Theres no greater feeling than ticking a famous view off your bucket list and coming home with a memory card full of new images to edit.

10 Things Non-Photographers find Crazy about us

The person who is most responsible for my career in photography isnt a fellow professional, tutor or even a buddy from a camera club. Any success has been down to the patience of my long-suffering wife, who never kicks up a fuss when I pick up my camera bag and head out the door at the first sign of nice light.

DJI Mavic 2 Rumours Send Internet into Meltdown

Anticipation surrounding a new launch from DJI has been brewing for some time now, but the release of an invite to a press launch has catapulted the rumour mill into overdrive as it appears the launch of a new drone, expected to be the Mavic 2, is imminent.

DJIs Incredible New HQ looks like Drone Heaven

DJI is well known for leading the market when it comes to drones, and has enjoyed dominance thanks to awesome models such as the Phantom, Mavic and Spark drones. Well, now the China-based company is looking to move to new premises and its new home looks like a purpose-built heaven for drone enthusiasts.

Has Sony just launched the ultimate travel camera?

With summer well and truly here, Sony has picked the perfect time to launch what could well be the ultimate vacation camera. The RX100 VI is a tiny compact with a big focal range and bursting with impressive features.

Sonys Xperia 5 could be the king of cameraphones

Smartphone brands have been battling it out over who can attract photographers to their newest models for sometime now. Well, with the release of Sonys Xperia 5, it's clear the war is still waging as the brands last model has some very impressive imaging specs.

Its official; the Nikon D6 is coming!

Is this the moment Nikon strikes back against rivals like Canon and Sony? The brand has just officially announced that the D6, the replacement for Nikons flagship D5 sports and wildlife camera is on its way.

Canon ready to blow Sony away with 75-megapixel mirrorless?

Just when it looked like Sony had tightened its stranglehold on the full-frame mirrorless market following the release of the epic a7RIV - which features a whopping 61-megapixels and can shoot 10 frames per second - news that Canon may be close to launching a rival that could best the Sony has set the internet on fire.

14 paw-some dog photography images

There arent many things in life cooler than dogs and photography, so when the two collide, theres sure to be some impressive results. And, the pinnacle of any dog photographers career is to place in the Kennel Clubs Dog Photographer of the Year contest.

Panasonic S1R v Nikon Z 7

Theses days, photographers have a decent range of full-frame mirrorless cameras to choose from - in fact, there's now nearly as many mirrorless options as DSLR options. Of course these options vary, both in the resolution they offer and features that can help your photography, but also how much damage theyll do to your wallet.

Nikon Z Series heres what we want to Zee next

Rumours are spreading fast about several new Nikon Z Series bodies soon to launch, and obviously itll be exciting to see Nikons full frame mirrorless range fleshed out. The Z6 and Z7 did a grand job of launching Nikon into the full-frame mirrorless market, but as first-generation models, they were bound to come with a few little disappointments for photographers along the way.

Canon 90D rumoured specs are mind-blowing

Think DSLRs are dead and mirrorless are the future? Well, if these rumoured specifications about Canons 80D replacement are true, then this forthcoming camera may well change your opinion. All the talk and hype recently has been around a replacement for Canons flagship crop-sensor camera, the 7D MkII, but internet rumour sites are now reporting leaked specs for the 80Ds replacement - thought to be called the 90D.

GoPro Hero7 Black v Sony RX0 II

Action cameras have come a long way since GoPro brought its first model to market way back in 2004 did you know the first GoPro used 35mm film? Fast forward to 2019 and the market is packed with endless options to suit all budgets, but GoPro are still leading the charge with the Hero7 Black, which is the current flagship model.

Colourful COOLPIX W150 is ready for anything

Nikon has dived into the holiday compact camera market with the launch of the COOLPIX W150. The camera sports a CMOS sensor with an effective resolution of 13. 2 megapixels, offers a 3x optical zoom lens and ensures worry-free shooting thanks to its waterproof and shockproof design.

It's time to stop being sensitive about ISO

For years, many digital photographers have been fooling themselves that low ISOs are inherently good, and high ISOs are inherently bad. But thats all based on very outdated thinking. In fact, the advances of successive generations of cameras means that we need to rewrite the rulebook on ISO.

Speed by name, speed by nature

Look out! Theres a Mitakon Speedmaster about! Specifically a 50mm f/0. 95 lens for full frame mirrorless Sony E, Nikon Z and Canon RF cameras. With that kind of maximum aperture its going to appeal to low-light shooters and anyone wanting to work at the extremes of selective focus.

8 Accessories Every Photographer Should Own

One of the great joys with any hobby, and particularly photography, is acquiring a new piece of kit. Nothing really beats unwrapping your latest purchase that will aid your quest to capture the perfect image.

5 Lightweight Cameras That Are Perfect Travel Companions

Owning a pro-spec camera, complete with battery grip and huge lens is great, but there are times when less can indeed be more. Maybe youre about to set out on a travel adventure and theres very little room left in your luggage for photo kit? Or maybe, you just dont want the hassle of a big camera hanging around your neck all day? Whatever your requirements, you should find something to love about the five cameras weve shortlisted for your attention.

Lensbaby Launches The Edge 35 - Heres What It Can Do

Lensbaby is back with another cool optic to help you add some creativity to your photos. The brand, who already make popular lenses like the Sol 45, Sweet 35 and Spark, have added a new optic to the range.

Sony A6400 v Fuji X-T3

Mirrorless cameras, particularly lightweight and highly portable models, have enjoyed a huge increase in popularity over the last two years, with brands finding more and more ways to stuff the small bodies full of cutting-edge technology.

Check out the worlds first pinhole zoom lens

Pinhole photography is associated with the past, but now photographers can bring this technique into the digital world thanks to a new lens that has just been launched on Kickstarter. The Pinhole Pro X is the world's first zoom pinhole lens.

Laowa unveils widest ever lens for Fujifilm GFX system

Lens options for the Fujifilm GFX system just got wider thanks to the introduction of the Laowa 17mm f/4 Zero-D GFX wide angle lens. Available for the GFX 50S, 50R and 100 models, the 17mm offers the 35mm equivalent of a 13.

9 reasons to love Sonys new 35mm f/1.8 lens

Sony has added yet another lens to its ever-growing selection of optics after the release of the new FE 35mm F1. 8 wide-angle, which is a lightweight and compact prime lens. The release means Sony now offers 34 full-frame E-mount lenses and 52 E-mount lenses in total but heres whats great about this new lens and why Sony shooters should add it to their kit bag One - Full-frame design: The FE 35mm F1.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Your Camera?

Losing any of your files can be a massive heartbreak, especially when it comes to your memories in the form of pictures. These memories are made with your friends and family that you want to hold dear to you all your life.

Why NDs Are The Most Vital Filters Of All

As important as your choice of cameras and lenses is, sometimes its a simple filter can make all the difference to your photos and Neutral Density (ND) filters are the most important you can buy.

Aim For A New Teleconverter

Ask a photographer whats on their shopping list and its a fair bet that teleconverters will come pretty low down on it if theyre on it at all. Seen as less exciting than normal lenses, theyre often forgotten, and lumped in with other accessories like extension tubes and filters.

ASUS Zenfone 6 flips smartphone camera design on its head

The latest smartphone from ASUS has some innovative new thinking when it comes to camera design. At first sight, the Zenfone 6 appears to simply feature a dual lens camera on the back(http://), but thats only half the story.

Are DJI about to launch an action camera?

DJI has sent the internet into meltdown as rumours gather pace that the market-leading drone manufacturer could be about to launch its first-ever full-on action camera. Internet rumour sites have started reporting that the intense battle between DJI and GoPro (the current market leader in action cameras) is set to be cranked up to maximum as DJI look to launch an action camera rival to the GoPro.

Fuji X-H1 v Nikon Z6

Fujis recent resurgence has been nothing short of remarkable and is largely thanks to the brands ability to release cameras that are not only packed with features, create amazing image quality and look great too.

Samyang announces terrific trio of lenses for Nikon shooters

Samyang has launched another volley of new glass and this time around, its Nikon photographers who will be able to benefit. The third-party lens manufacturer has pulled the covers off one autofocus lens for the F-mount and two manual focus lenses for Nikons new Z-mount, which is used on the brands full-frame mirrorless models, the Z6 and Z7.