Editor in Chief Chris Gampat’s Kit: Travelling Light with the Sony a7r III

I'm going to move on past the fact that I just referred to myself in the third person and instead focus on the crux of why you probably clicked on this link: you want to know how I do travel work with the Sony a7r III and what's in my every day carry kit for work.

While I adore my Fujifilm gear, not all of my lenses are weather sealed and so I'm sort of limited in certain situations. But all of the lenses and cameras that I own for Sony are weather resistant, and so for that reason combined with their compact size, I tend to bring them with me when I need to get actual work done for the site. While I'm a good enough photographer where I can use anything that you put in my hands, the Sony a7r III provides me with lots of resolution, versatility, performance, and a lightweight package that is also really small. .

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2019-3-15 07:00