EOS R6: Handheld 6 Second Exposures Are Easy After RF Lens Updates

There's a lot of new tech in Canon's latest Mirrorless cameras, and one of the most requested new features, the IBIS system, is being put through the wringer so that we can find out just how good it is.

Like many others, we are doing IBIS tests with our EOS R6 review unit, and so far, we have seen some pretty good results, but new firmware updates for some RF lenses promise to make the IBIS system even better. Instead of just breaking the news to you with a short news post, we decided to go one better and put the IBIS system and some of the lenses with new firmware, which enables dual IBIS, to the test. Join us after the break to see what we have been able to do with the new IBIS system and the lens firmware updates. .

ibis system some firmware

2020-8-1 13:00