First Impressions: Leica S3 (One of the More Unique Medium Format Cameras Out There)

When I originally played with the Leica S2, I was enamored with the Leica S system and it's approach to making medium format more like a standard full frame DSLR. With the Leica S3, the company is continuing that tradition with more or less the same body.

But what is so much different is really what's on the inside. This sensor is unique; with the Leica S3 there is a brand new 64MP sensor at the heart designed to keep the same 3:2 aspect ratio that so many full frame 35mm photographers are used to using. But of course, this sensor is bigger than a full frame 35mm option. Though at the same time, I'm still trying to understand and wrap my head around the photographers who will go for a camera like this. .

leica same full frame sensor

2018-10-9 13:00