Glyph launches new Atom NVMe SSD and Thunderbolt 3 dock with dual 4K display support

Glyph launches new Atom NVMe SSD and Thunderbolt 3 dock with dual 4K display support

Glyph Production Technology has introduced its new Thunderbolt 3 Dock and Atom NVMe SSD products, enabling graphics professionals to expand the number of ports and storage available on their MacBook Pro or any other computer with Thunderbolt 3 support.

The new Glyph Thunderbolt 3 dock connects to a laptop via its USB-C Thunderbolt 3 port, enabling the user to both charge their device and transmit data using a single cable. The dock features an SD UHS-II card slot, a pair of USB 3. 0 ports, as well as one USB-C 3. 1 Gen2 port.

The model also offers separate audio jacks for microphone out and audio out, Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, and support for either one 5K display at 60Hz or two 4K displays at 60Hz. Users can also upgrade an NVMe SSD drive in a dedicated slot; the dock supports read and write speeds up to 1500MB/s.

Joining the dock is Glyph's new Atom Pro NVMe SSD, a drive offered in capacities up to 2TB with read speeds up to 2800MB/s and write speeds up to 2400MB/s. According to Glyph, its new SSD is designed to handle demanding workflows, including projects involving 4K/8K video and VR. The drive's case is MIL-Standard 810F rated to withstand exposure to sand, dust, shock, and vibration.

Glyph offers its products through a number of online retailers, including Filmtools, B&H Photo, and Adorama. The Thunderbolt 3 dock is available with 500GB - 2TB capacities starting at $299. 95 USD, and the NVMe SSD is available in 1TB-2TB capacities starting at $499. 95 USD.


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2019-2-12 23:31

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