Turning a Portable Scanner Into a Large Format Camera Digital Back

Large format photography is not only still very much alive today, but it’s also evolving, thanks to crafty photographers who go the DIY route to the give us more ways to work with it. Among the most interesting examples are digital backs for digital cameras — even for large format cameras.

Brendan Barry Makes His Own Cameras by Hand

In the newest episode of the ILFORD Inspires series, we are introduced to UK-based large format photographer, educator, and camera maker Brendan Barry, as well as some of the fascinating handmade cameras he uses to create his prints.

Irene Rudnyk Shares Her First Large Format Camera Experience

Surely, anyone who's a fan of traditional photography today certainly has large format photography on his or her bucket list. Thankfully, we have a lot of online resources to feed this curiosity with, whether it's about getting the right gear to get started or learning the entire shooting process.