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I Photographed An Abandoned Mining Village In Namibia

A few years ago, I had the chance to explore and photograph Kolmanskop, a ghost town invaded by sand and lost in the middle of the Namibian desert. But its history stays as short as surprising: Founded after the discovery of diamonds by German settlers in 1908, Kolmanskop went through a real diamond rush and became very fast the nerve center of the area due to its rich deposit of diamond. boredpanda.com »

2018-5-3 19:40

Abandoned Italy

The Italians certainly know how to construct breathtakingly beautiful buildings, which means it is all the more heartbreaking when you see the ones which are abandoned. I spent a very memorable 6 days driving around Italy, entering and photographing their most photogenic derelict buildings. I hope you enjoy the photographs. boredpanda.com »

2017-7-26 04:13