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Season's Greetings from DPReview.com

As DPReview celebrates its nineteenth anniversary, I'd like to wish each and every one of our visitors a very Merry Christmas (something I couldnt have said last year, apparently) from all of us here in sunny Seattle, and to thank DPRs amazing staff and contributors for all their hard work over the last twelve months. dpreview.com

2017-12-25 11:01

Womens Faces Before, During, And After Orgasm In Photo Series Aimed To Help Normalize Female Sexuality

Ah, the elusive female orgasm. We don't always talk about it, and not all of us have experienced it, but it deserves our love and appreciation nonetheless. Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti is aiming to break up the dense fog surrounding the world of female sexuality, and is celebrating it in all its glory with The O Project - a steamy series featuring photos of women from all around the world before, during, and after orgasm. boredpanda.com

2017-10-19 13:04

Sony's Mavica FD71 liked floppy disks, hated magnets

In the earliest days of consumer digital photography, back when the smart in smart phone was the same as the smart in a smart pair of pants, almost every aspect of capturing, transferring, storing, sharing and printing digital images was so fraught with technical challenges and costly disappointments that it still amazes me that it ever took off at all. dpreview.com

2017-6-30 14:00