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Laowas Quirky Macro Lens is a Game-Changer

It may look strange but Laowas 24mm f/14, which launched via a crowdfunding campaign, has the potential to deliver images you never thought possible. Thanks to its quirky probe-barrel shape, Laowa explain that the 24mm f/14 2x Macro Probe is the worlds first consumer-grade probe lens and that it can create a bug-eye perspective that can't be achieved by conventional macro lens. digitalrev.com

2018-8-2 03:00

Love Bird Photography? Heres Where Nat Geo Says You Should Visit

Theres something special about bird photography! Lining up species of all sizes and colours in front of our lenses, it's hard no to be in constant awe of their movement and abilities. So, with that in mind, keen bid photographers will be pleased to hear that Nat Geo has just announced a shortlist of the Worlds Best Bird Watching Destinations and the locations, spread across the globe, may just surprise you. digitalrev.com

2018-3-14 03:00

Inspiring Images From The World Of Scuba!

Talk about making a splash! The winners from Scuba Diving magazines annual photo contest have been announced and they will make you want to rush out and charge a underwater housing to your credit card! Now in its 13th year, the Through Your Lens contest attracted thousands of entries from around the world and Greg Lecoeur took the Grand Prize for his jaw-dropping shot of gannets spearing into the waters off Shetland, near Scotland. digitalrev.com

2017-10-6 03:00

How To Fix Skin in Photoshop

The ability to fix skin in Photoshop is a skill that every photographer should have in their arsenal. Of course, this can range from taking out an unfortunate zit, to completely altering the look of someones aesthetic - however, even the smallest edit can step-up the game of your portrait dramatically. digitalrev.com

2017-7-24 03:00

See The Best Drone Photos of The Year

Drones have become an integral weapon in the arsenal of todays photographer, so it should come as no surprise that theres a dedicated photo contest focusing purely on aerial imagery. Captured in Vietnam by a photographer called Hellios, this shot took second place in the Dronestagram contest's 'People' category and shows great use of colour In fact the annual contest from social network, Dronestagram is now in its fourth year and saw over 8,000 submissions entered for the various categories, which were judged by industry professionals, including staff from National Geographic. digitalrev.com

2017-7-11 03:00