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The Camera Comes Second

I hated every single one of my photos. My personal hero, Jimmy Chin, would have too if he could have seen them at the time. This existential crisis of Lightroom library disgust became so overwhelming that it eventually became a good reason for me to sell all of my expensive camera gear, writing a crisis […] petapixel.com »

2018-9-1 17:12

Meike's new battery grip for the Sony a9 and a7R lll comes with a wireless remote

Accessories manufacturer Meike has released details of a new grip it will be selling for the Sony a9 and a7R lll bodies that can hold two batteries and double as a remote control. The Meike MK-A9 Pro Battery Grip is designed to make vertical shooting more comfortable, and comes fitted with a shutter release, two custom buttons, an AF button, a joystick and two control wheels as well as its own on/off button. dpreview.com »

2018-1-18 22:45

G-Technology’s New External SSD Drive Can Transfer At 540MB Per Second

As any photographer or videographer will know, storage space can be a pain, especially when it comes to working on external drives. It’s great to have a lightning fast SSD drive to work from, but what if run out of space on your internal drive or have to work from a backup? Even the fastest editing rigs can be crippled by slow transfer speeds, and that’s where G-Technology wants to step in. digitalrev.com »

2016-11-2 03:00