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Adobe will release the last update to Lightroom 6 'towards the end of the year'

The countdown to the end of Lightroom as a standalone product is officially ticking, and the deadline is drawing near. Earlier today, Adobe released a fresh compatibility update for Lightroom 6, but in addition to adding support for cameras like the Nikon D850 and Fuji X-E3, Adobe also answered a burning question in the release notes: Is this the last upgrade of Lightroom perpetual product? The answer, it seems, is no. dpreview.com »

2017-10-26 18:42

Ex-Google SVP: iPhone 7 Marks ‘End of DSLR Era,’ Is Years Ahead of Android

The iPhone camera just received praise from a rather unexpected source. Former Google SVP Vic Gundotra has glowing things to say about his iPhone 7’s photo capabilities, claiming that the phone marks “the end of the DSLR era for most people” and that it’s years ahead of Android smartphone cameras. Gundotra was the Senior Vice […] petapixel.com »

2017-7-31 18:54

The up to $300 off on Sony E, Sony A and Sony RX cameras will end on April 1

While the lens savings are now gone you still save up to $300 on Sony cameras sold by BHphoto (Click here). Those deals will end on April 1! And as reporterd yesterdan on most of these cameras you get additional free stuff too: Sony A7rII: Free Lightroom 6 with the A7rII sold by Amazon and […] The post The up to $300 off on Sony E, Sony A and Sony RX cameras will end on April 1 appeared first on sonyalpharumors. sonyalpharumors.com »

2017-3-28 21:21