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Get the Ultimate Photography Bundle for Just $97!

Ever been hesitant to print out your photos or even post your latest capture of your kid on Instagram, because you’re not exactly proud of them? (Even if you’re so proud of the people in front of your lens?) Then I have really good news: Photography is simply a skill, so that means you can learn and get better at it! If you want a shortcut to photos you’ll be proud to share, you need to check out something called the Ultimate Photography Bundle. photographyblog.com »

2018-2-28 14:00

2016: The Year of the APS-C Camera

When DSLRs started becoming affordable around 2005, I finally made the transition along with thousands of other film shooters into the realm of digital photography. It was an exciting time, and even though the best sensors at the time couldn’t truly compete with a drum scanned negative, the sheer convenience and capabilities of the cameras were clearly sufficient for the majority of photographers who predominantly posted their work online (not to mention that most people didn’t drum scan their negatives anyway). digitalrev.com »

2016-11-24 03:00

Video: Photokina 2016 wrap-up

Photokina is without question the biggest photography show in the world, and as such, the venue at which manufacturers routinely showcase their biggest and most exciting releases. We were on the ground in Cologne, Germany before the show even began to bring you the most in-depth content we could write on the most important innovations we could find. dpreview.com »

2016-9-27 15:00