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The Dead Zone is Home to Julien Coquentins Childhood Memories

Childhood memories often serve as sources of inspiration for creatives, so it's not surprising to find many compelling works driven by its nostalgic imagery. However, instead of presenting images of gentleness, innocence, and fondness for a time gone by, French photographer Julien Coquentin takes his viewers to what he calls The Dead Zone, which reimagines his childhood haunts. thephoblographer.com

2017-9-13 10:00

PSA: CrashPlan is shutting down their 'for Home' backup service

CrashPlan, the popular cloud-based backup service, has decided to stop offering its 'for Home' product for consumers. Instead, the company will focus solely on business customers. While existing CrashPlan at Home users will be able to use their plan until it expires, the service is no longer accepting new customers, and current users will need to find an alternative in the near future. dpreview.com

2017-8-24 19:27