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The Desexualization of Photography: Why Intent is So Important

Photography has been probably the best medium to make sex so consumable--just think about it. Most of the content we see online and on print has been sexualized in one way or another. I don't have a problem with this but I think it's important to draw a line as photographers and artists and choose which side we want to stand at when creating work. thephoblographer.com

2018-11-5 14:00

7 Most Important Lessons Learned by a Landscape Photographer

Here’s an inspiring 16-minute video by Lisbon, Portugal-based landscape photographer Andy Mumford, who shares the 7 most important lessons he has learned over the years. “There are certain tips and pieces of advice that I find myself giving more than anything else during workshops or in response to email inquiries, and in this video I’ve […] petapixel.com

2018-10-4 18:11