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Do NOT Do This to Iconic Landmarks

New York-based photographer Felix Kunze was recently visiting the iconic Lion’s Head mountain in Table Mountain National Park in Cape Town, South Africa, when he came across this sight at his favorite rock in a well-known lookout: a group of people had decided to scribble their full names into the rock that’s featured in countless […] petapixel.com »

2018-2-10 21:53

Using Paper Cutouts To Turn Famous Landmarks Into Art (10+ New Pics)

Londoner Rich 'Paperboyo' McCor (previously here and here) has already transformed Paris's Arc de Triomphe into a LEGO man and turned London's 02/Millennium Dome into a delicious-looking cake. Luckily for us, McCor is still on the go and he isn't running out of ideas - the photographer is back with more famous landmarks interacting with his whimsical paper cutouts! boredpanda.com »

2017-3-29 14:33