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See Tatyana Zadorins Quick Demo of a Natural Light Outdoor Portrait Shoot

Using only the bare necessities, photographer Tatyana Zadorin was able to pull off a pretty cool natural light outdoor portrait shoot when she traveled to South Carolina, USA to visit her family. The seven-minute behind-the-scenes video titled Natural Light OUTDOOR Portrait Photography Behind the Scenes mostly showed Tatyana demonstrating how she made use of her Canon 5d Mark iii and a couple of lenses Canon lenses with 85mm and 35mm focal lengths. thephoblographer.com

2018-10-14 07:00

How to Nail Beautiful Portraits When Shooting in Natural Light

Whether you've just started learning how to shoot portraits or a little ahead into it, working with natural light is one of the most useful tricks to have as a portrait photographer. It may not always be as simple as pointing your camera on your subject beside a window, but this quick tutorial by Mark Wallace for Adorama is easy enough to get you started. thephoblographer.com

2018-9-7 13:00