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Fujifilm Unveils the X-A7, Its New $700 Entry-Level X Series Mirrorless

Fujifilm has announced the new X-A7 mirrorless camera, a $700 entry-level mirrorless X Series camera that replaces the X-A5. “The X-A7s compact, lightweight form factor, outstanding image quality, and multitude of new and enhanced features position it as an ideal and timely entry into Fujifilms popular family of X Series mirrorless cameras,” Fujifilm says. At […] petapixel.com

2019-9-12 08:30

Panasonic S1R Teardown: A Peek Inside Panasonic Full-Frame Mirrorless

We really didnt know what to expect going into this. Panasonic hasnt even made an APS-C body before, never mind a full-frame flagship mirrorless camera. Though, it seems they realized the S1 series needed to make a splash if its release was going to trail behind Canon and Nikons first foray into professional-grade mirrorless cameras, […] petapixel.com

2019-9-5 19:51

What the Upcoming Mirrorless Nikon D5 Needs to Be a Success

The Nikon D5 is a camera that can be seen in the hands of professional sports photographers, and photojournalists alike all around the globe. The heavy duty, workhorse of a camera quickly set a standard for what a pro body camera should be, but apart from Sony's a9, there is really no other Mirrorless camera on the market that could be considered as a replacement for the Nikon D5, or the Canon 1Dx Mk II; all of that is about to change though as a Mirrorless Nikon D5 is in the works. thephoblographer.com

2019-6-25 07:00

Will DSLR Deserters Really Leave Mirrorless Cameras in Two Years?

Mirrorless is the future. Mirrorless is the best. DSLRs are dead! These are things we all hear every single day in the photography world, but there are some out there who believe otherwise. There is no doubt that further (much further) down the line, Mirrorless cameras will likely kill of the DSLR, but Ricoh believes that the mighty DSLR will put up a heck of a fight along the road to inevitability, in fact they are so confident that they think DSLR deserters will return to the cameras two years after leaving for the promised land of Mirrorless. Join us after the break for more details. thephoblographer.com

2019-5-28 16:00

Mitakon Speedmaster 50mm f/0.95 III Unveiled for Full-Frame Mirrorless

The Chinese lens maker Zhongyi Optics (ZY Optics) has unveiled the new Mitakon Speedmaster 50mm f/0.95 III for Sony E, Nikon Z, and Canon RF full-frame mirrorless cameras. Compared to the version II model of the lens, the version III model features a new optical design that provides both a smaller size and greater resistance […] petapixel.com

2019-4-18 17:05

Canon EOS R Said to Get Improved Eye AF Firmware on April 18th

One of the great things about Mirrorless cameras has been the extra support they get in the form of firmware updates. While DSLR's used to get them, they were very infrequent. However, with the Mirrorless market being so competitive, and with each company always trying to one up each other, firmware updates have become a very normal part of Mirrorless ownership. thephoblographer.com

2019-4-17 19:00

Does Canons Next Mirrorless Camera Need to be a 70MP Monster?

As the Mirrorless race heats up, more and more reports are hitting the circuit in regards to what road Canon may take in regards to their next Mirrorless camera. We have already seen a mid-tier Mirrorless camera in the EOS R, and we now have the entry level EOS RP as well, so where does Canon go next? If reports are to be believed they will try to win users over with a 70MP monster. Join after the break to find out more. thephoblographer.com

2019-3-16 19:00