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Photographing the President: A Look Back at Every White House Photographer

The importance of presidential photography cannot be understated in todays visual world. Although the bulk of photography since the inception of regular presidential photography in the 1950s still consists of grip and grin photo ops, White House photographers have sought to capture a more intimate look at the leader of the free world. Press access […] petapixel.com

2017-1-25 00:51

Trump Accidentally Used 2009 Obama Inauguration Photo on @POTUS Twitter

People following the handoff of the coveted @POTUS Twitter account from former President Obama to newly sworn-in President Trump were treated to a bit of a gaff this morning. It seems the Trump administration accidentally used a photo from President Obama’s inauguration in 2009 as Trump’s new Twitter header. The slip-up was immediately noticed and […] petapixel.com

2017-1-21 23:08