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Ian Pettigrew Aims for Smiles With His “Floating Dogs” Project

Ian Pettigrew is one of our favorite creative brains to pick when it comes to photography projects. This time, we have him back for something totally different from his usual work. A drastic departure from hard-hitting topics like Cystic Fibrosis explored in projects like the SaltyGirls and SaltyKids, this adorable new project brings smiles to our faces in place of the tugs at our hearts. thephoblographer.com »

2018-8-7 01:00

Anywhere-But-Here: A Collaborative Project A Story About Wanting To Get Out, A Toxic City & Self-Suffocation

‘anywhere-but-here’ is a collaborative project between emerging creative Marisa Suen and myself to explore a story about wanting to get out, a toxic city & self-suffocation. This series allowed us to be playful with styling and lighting methods to create interesting moods throughout the series whilst also alluding to the concept of escapism. boredpanda.com »

2018-7-13 06:30

Adobe представила новое кросс-платформенное приложение для редактирования видео - Project Rush

Компания Adobe анонсировалаProject Rush - кросс-платформенное приложение для редактирования видеоматериалов, которое объединяет весь рабочий процесс в одну программу, начиная от съемки и заканчивая обменом в социальных сетях. onfoto.ru »

2018-6-22 22:26

Adobe объявляет Project Rush для видеографов

Adobe объявила о разработке Project Rush, кросс-платформенного приложения для редактирования видео, которое поможет не только в съёмке и монтаже, но и при экспорте в социальные сети и видеохостинги. По словам Adobe, Rush предназначен для создания более рационального и интуитивно понятного пользовательского интерфейса, а также для обеспечения мощного решения для пользователей мобильных устройств. В отличии от […] photar.ru »

2018-6-21 11:32

Composite timelapse combines Death Valley's night sky with New York City's streets

In honor of International Dark Sky Week 2018—which will run from April 15th to the 21st—timelapse filmmakers Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinovic decided to create an interesting composite. Using their ample post-processing skills and footage they'd captured across the country, they replaced the light-polluted skies over New York City with long-exposure footage captured in pristine locations like Death Valley and Grand Canyon National Parks. dpreview.com »

2018-4-14 23:12

No Mother, No Child Project to Photograph Colombian Mothers Whose Children Were Adopted Abroad

One of the powers of photography is to tell the compelling stories of people from across the globe. For her brave photography project, Cologne-based Jennifer Dallmann will be travelling to Colombia to tell the stories of mothers whose children were adopted and whisked away to other countries.  thephoblographer.com »

2017-10-27 22:00