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ZTE appears to be getting ready to launch smartphone with 32MP front camera

Smartphone front cameras used to be overshadowed by their counterparts on the rear of mobile devices, offering low pixel counts, fixed focus lenses and generally simple specs. This is changing quickly, however, with some front cameras on the latest high-end smartphones featuring high-resolution sensors, AF-systems, computational bokeh modes, HDR and other advanced functions. dpreview.com

2019-2-1 20:50

If Portrait Mode Is So Great, Why Have Samsung and Huawei Used DSLR Photos?

As the old adage goes, "The best camera is the one that you have one you," which is why so many of us photographers carry our cameras with us wherever we go. If you have purchased or upgraded your smartphone within the last couple of years, or have watched any of the keynote announcements for the current generation of flagship smartphones on the market, you will have undoubtedly noticed the significant efforts that the smartphone industry is focusing on the camera capabilities of their wares. thephoblographer.com

2018-12-16 14:00

Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S10 triple-cam to offer super-wide-angle and 3x tele

We've already heard rumors about Samsung launching three models for its upcoming Galaxy S10 flagship smartphone generation, including one featuring a triple-camera on the back. Now more information has surfaced about the specifications of the Samsung triple-camera and if the rumors turn out to be true, mobile photographers will have something to look forward to. dpreview.com

2018-7-7 22:05