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Selfskie Lets You Transform Various Apparatus Into a Selfiestick

For those too embarrassed to brandish a selfie stick when out in the wild, Selfskie have designed a covert solution that will transform any elongated rod into a monopod for your camera. The product essentially acts as a tube mount which you can whip out and use for whatever occasion, provided there is a stick-shaped object nearby - just like a GoPro - but what makes Selfskie so interesting is that it also works with smartphones. digitalrev.com »

2016-10-7 03:00

Обзор мини-ПК iconBIT Toucan Stick G3 mk2 и 4K: медиацентры в виде флешки

Маленькие устройства iconBIT Toucan Stick, больше похожие на флешку, втыкаются в HDMI-порт телевизора или монитора и превращают его в компьютер на Android с медиаплеером, браузером, играми и многими другими возможностями. 3dnews.ru »

2016-8-19 00:06