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Throwback Thursday: Olympus C-8080 Wide Zoom

Announced in 2004, the Olympus C-8080 Wide Zoom wasn't the first camera with a focal range starting at 28mm, nor was it the highest resolution camera at the time with its 8 megapixel CCD. What made the C-8080 interesting was the amount of work that Olympus put into the lens, claiming that it was designed to be on par with the Zuiko Digital lenses found on its DSLRs. dpreview.com

2017-5-19 13:00

NAB 2017: Hot products and trends

NAB 2017 Yesterday marked the end of NAB 2017, the annual convention of the National Association of Broadcasters. NAB isn't really a consumer-oriented event, but we like to go because it gives us some insight into trends and technology that will trickle down to prosumer and consumer products within a few years, as well as new products designed for these users. dpreview.com

2017-4-28 13:00

SmugMug Films: The journey from food to photography

SmugMug Films has just released its newest production, a documentary by filmmaker Anton Lorimer about acclaimed food photographer Eric Wolfinger. Eric Wolfinger: Beyond the Plate follows Wolfinger's passion for food and travel, and how it drove him, a bit indirectly, to become one of the world's best food photographers. dpreview.com

2017-4-20 18:26

Throwback Thursday: Nikon D70

In 2004 I had to make the same grueling decision as many fellow photographers: Canon EOS 300D (Digital Rebel) or Nikon D70 - which one was to become my first digital SLR? The Canon, which had been launched in August 2003 was the first true consumer-level DSLR and had been on my wish list for a few months when, in January 2004, Nikon threw a curve ball and launched a direct competitor to the EOS 300D: the D70, the company's first sub-$1000 digital SLR. dpreview.com

2017-3-30 13:00

Why Camera Choice Matters In Unexpected Ways

For as long as Ive been photographing, Ive always had a soft spot for gear and the technical side of photography. In the beginning, I was obsessed with getting the best camera I could afford, which ironically was a refurbished entry-level Nikon DSLR not exactly the pinnacle of camera technology at the time. digitalrev.com

2017-2-27 03:00

Snapchat Spectacles Are Finally Released Online!

After months of desperate scrambling by the in-kids, the time has finally come for the wise and lazy to reap the spoils as Snap has released its Snapchat Spectacles for general online purchase. First released back in November 2016, the social network linked sunglasses-mounted camera was only available to buyers in one of two ways; going to the Spectacles store in New York, or playing a cat and mouse game to catch one of the pop-up Snapbot booths that appeared across the U. digitalrev.com

2017-2-21 03:00

Throwback Thursday: the Nikon D80

Ten megapixels ought to be enough for anybody. It was ten years ago this past September that Nikon introduced its 10 megapixel, twin-dial D80 DSLR. It was also ten years ago that my dad picked up a shiny new example of one to act as a backup to his workhorse studio camera, the D200. dpreview.com

2017-2-16 12:00

This Vintage Camera Video Ad Was Shot With the Nikon F5

These days, it's not uncommon to see timelapse videos shot with just still cameras; but it was very uncommon to see it back in 1997 and done with the Nikon F5. But a vintage ad (yes, because the 90s are vintage) This commercial was shot back in 1997 by Alastair Thain using the Nikon F5 camera! According to the YouTube description, this was the first time a stills camera had ever been used to shoot "moving images". thephoblographer.com

2017-2-9 02:04