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What the Upcoming Mirrorless Nikon D5 Needs to Be a Success

The Nikon D5 is a camera that can be seen in the hands of professional sports photographers, and photojournalists alike all around the globe. The heavy duty, workhorse of a camera quickly set a standard for what a pro body camera should be, but apart from Sony's a9, there is really no other Mirrorless camera on the market that could be considered as a replacement for the Nikon D5, or the Canon 1Dx Mk II; all of that is about to change though as a Mirrorless Nikon D5 is in the works. thephoblographer.com

2019-6-25 07:00

I Listen To What People Want From The Government As India Decides To Vote For The Worlds Biggest Democracy

Somewhere along my travels, I began to interview my subjects, besides making their portraits. I keep it straight and minimal with a very basic question 'What Do You Really Want'? referring to an on-going Lok Sabha Elections which are currently being held in seven phases from 11 April to 19 May 2019 to constitute the 17th Lok Sabha. boredpanda.com

2019-5-6 15:25

Skanda Gautam Documents What Happens When Bricks are Made

Last time we featured the works of Kathmandu-based Skanda Gautam, we took a look at some of Nepal's most pressing issues and vibrant festivals through his lens. Since he has a lot more social stories worth exploring, we might as well dive in to another of his fascinating series: a close look at the everyday life of locals and migrant laborers toiling away at a brick kiln. thephoblographer.com

2019-4-3 16:00

Video: Watch this cannon shoot (and destroy) a Canon at 264mph in a tornado projectile test

A compact camera reached speeds of 264 miles per hour during a test to demonstrate the dangers presented by normal domestic objects flying around during tornado. And no, it didnt survive. The test was carried out by storm-footage stock library owner Martin Lisius with the help of a pneumatic cannon housed at the National Wind Institutes Debris Impact Facility in Texas Tech University. dpreview.com

2019-3-13 17:32