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White House Slammed for Sharing Doctored Video

The White House is being slammed by press photographer associations for its use of a “clearly manipulated” video of a press conference exchange this past Wednesday. During President Donald Trump’s first press conference following Tuesday’s midterm elections, CNN journalist Jim Acosta engaged in a heated exchange with Trump. When a White House intern approached to […] petapixel.com

2018-11-9 21:22

Lomography launches new 35mm monochrome film stock cut from German cine film rolls

The film photography enthusiasts over at Lomography have launched a new film, Lomography Black & White 400 35mm Berlin Kino Film. Inspired by the New German Cinema sweeping through Berlin in the 1960s, this film is extracted from a roll of cine film produced by a legendary German company that has been changing the face of cinema since the early 1900s," reads the product description. dpreview.com

2018-11-7 19:13

Daniel Tjongaris Majestic Black and White Images of the Tengger

All images by Daniel Tjongari. Used with Creative Commons permission. With a population pegged at approximately 750,000 concentrated in the isolated Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in Java, Indonesia, the Tengger, or Tenggerese, are an ethnic group believed to be the only surviving remnants of the Hindu-Buddhist Majapahit empire (c. 1500 CE). And so given thephoblographer.com

2018-10-12 19:00

Troyce Hoffman Captures Stunning Black and White Landscapes Using a Holga

If you still have a Holga camera lying around, we spotted a set of stunning black and white photos that will make you want to pick it up and take it on a road trip. Through his snaps of the American West, California-based documentary photographer Troyce Hoffman shows us exactly why the iconic toy camera actually works wonders in capable hands. thephoblographer.com

2018-8-5 07:00

Get Better at Black and White Photography With These Quick Tips

Black and white used to be the only way to go back in the old days of photography. Today, however, there's more than one way to make sure your black and white photos are on point. With these quick tips from London-based photographer Jamie Windsor, you can at least have a head start on getting better at black and white photography, whatever the genre you want to take on. thephoblographer.com

2018-8-1 10:00

CorePhotonics white paper explains the pros and cons of the triple-camera

A couple of weeks ago, we saw the first announcement of a mobile device with triple-camera in the shape of the Huawei P20 Pro. Gil Abraham, Director Product Management at Corephotonicsan Israeli company that specializes in the development of smartphone camera solutionshas taken the opportunity to author a white paper titled "Triple cameras: Are three better than two?" The document looks at the evolution of dual-camera systems from the HTC One M8 to current models, such as the iPhone X, and then jumps straight into the challenges and rewards of camera systems that feature a third camera. dpreview.com

2018-4-10 17:23

Tutorial Video: How Custom White Balance Makes Editing Much Better Than Auto

If you're a photographer who shoots in auto white balance, stop. Can you fix it in post? Yes. Will it really, truly help you? No, not really. I've been very much of the opinion and idea that photographers should go into shooting with a creative vision of some sort to help them create images that are more unique to them, and a customized white balance is only the start of this--and it's bound to help you create images that someone else shooting the exact same thing most likely won't get. thephoblographer.com

2018-2-21 08:00

The Black And White Of Cats

Hi everyone! I have been doing photography for years and never posted anything online. Up until now. I have many different projects, "The white of nature" and "The shine of a smile" coming soon :) Hopefully you enjoy my work! Please don't judge me too harshly :) This is my first post on boredpanda :) no photoshop btw :) boredpanda.com

2018-2-19 23:09