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The Desexualization of Photography: Why Intent is So Important

Photography has been probably the best medium to make sex so consumable--just think about it. Most of the content we see online and on print has been sexualized in one way or another. I don't have a problem with this but I think it's important to draw a line as photographers and artists and choose which side we want to stand at when creating work. thephoblographer.com

2018-11-5 14:00

DPReview TV: Atomos Ninja V review

Almost all new cameras include impressive video features, but for the best results you'll often need an off-camera recorder. Chris and Jordan take a look at the brand new Ninja V from Atomos, and explain why it might just be one of the most useful tools you can add to your camera. dpreview.com

2018-10-14 16:00

Sean Tucker: Why I made the Big Switch to Sony

Sean Tucker: I recently made a total switch in my gear from Canon/Fujifilm to Sony. This video gives my reasoning and why the Sony system is best for my needs as a travelling hybrid shooter. I also give my thoughts on how we should be choosing gear in general, avoiding brand loyalty, gear snobbishness etc, […] The post Sean Tucker: Why I made the Big Switch to Sony appeared first on sonyalpharumors. sonyalpharumors.com

2018-8-14 12:53

Ted Forbes: Why Sony is absolutely KILLING it right now and why it will be hard for Canon and Nikon to match them

In this new video from tech guru (and certainly no Sony fanboy) Ted Forbes he explains why Sony is currently killing it. He explains that Sony’s advantage is more than just about sensor: For example Nikon and Canon will have to launch a complete new series of lenses with new linear motors to really take […] The post Ted Forbes: “Why Sony is absolutely KILLING it right now” and why it will be hard for Canon and Nikon to match them… appeared first on sonyalpharumors. sonyalpharumors.com

2018-7-29 16:15

Useful Photography Tip #185: Why You Should Generally Underexpose Your Images

One of the biggest and best tips that I could possibly give any photographer about modern digital photography has to do with metering a scene. First off, if you're using a form of evaluative metering then you should often use the light meter as a gauge and not try to always get the little blinker in the middle of the exposure indicator. thephoblographer.com

2018-7-11 13:00

Why We Print

My mom was a florist. She used to say you can always tell a florist by their thumb. Each floral stalk must be cut prior to refrigeration and cut again when incorporated into a design, so if the inside of the thumb is rough and slightly discolored, with tiny slices lining the soft padding, like […] petapixel.com

2018-5-25 19:46