Is Annie Leibovitz Right About This? What Do You Think?

What do you think? I wrote an article about making your portrait subjects more comfortable and noticed a great comment. “Annie Leibovitz runs an ad on YouTube etc. in which she says she doesn’t believe it’s the photographer’s job to put the person at ease… whats that about?” This is a great topic. This person is talking

Understand Your Camera Better with this Photography Cheat Sheet

Missed the manual photography cheat sheets we shared previously? We bring yet another one that you can use both to practice shooting in manual mode and get to know your camera controls better. If you're just getting started with photography, let this be your quick reference for your next practice!

Albert Watson: Improving the Artistic Intent of Photography

One of the best ways to get inspired as a photographer is to follow the life and work of the most prolific and iconic photographers before us. Among these, of course, is fashion, celebrity, and fine art photographer Albert Watson, whose works have appeared on countless magazine covers and major advertising campaigns for the biggest brands.

5 Quick Ways to Rock Your Next Engagement Shoot

Posing a couple? Oh trust us, it’s not that simple. Photographing a single subject has its fair share challenges: posing, lighting, framing, composition, etc. Photographing couples can sometimes seem like double the work! Why? Well, you’ve got two people to work with for starters and then there are different body shapes, personalities, wardrobe, etc. Here’s

The Complete Guide to Manual Settings on Your DSLR Camera

Everything you need to know to start shooting in manual mode. This is a syndicated blog post from Format originally done by Brit Weaver. Ready to get more creative with your photography? At first, having a digital or analog SLR camera is an exhilarating and intimidating experience. Most beginners play it safe with the automatic modes,

The History and Philosophy of Copyright

Want to know the origins of the concept of copyright? Here’s a 25-minute video from Filmmaker IQ that looks at the history and philosophy behind modern-day copyright. While copyright may be crucial in the modern digital world creators live in, this has not always been the case.

Why You Need To Copyright your Images

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8 Ways the New Canon 77D is Different from the 80D

Canon made an unusual move in 2017 by announcing the Canon 77D as the first camera in a new line that fits between the 80D and the 800D (AKA the Rebel T7i). If you’re scratching your head about what makes the 77D different, check out the 4.