Lens Review: Leica 28mm f1.4 Summilux (M Mount)

The Leica 28mm f1. 4 Summilux was offered to me to test after requesting it a long time ago; and I genuinely never thought that I'd fall for it. I'd probably never buy it brand new as I prefer my lenses and cameras to have what we Americans love to call "Patina" to them; and even as it is I'm pretty well set on the M mount lenses that I currently own.

The Leica 28mm f1. 4 Summilux is quite possibly the ultimate photojournalist's lens. It has a fast aperture, a solid build quality, and is surprisingly sharp at every single aperture. But even that isn't the secret sauce to what makes this lens so incredibly special. .

lens summilux leica 28mm

2018-5-15 13:00