Manfrotto adds new two-in-one tripod to its Befree lineup

Manfrotto adds new two-in-one tripod to its Befree lineup

Manfrotto has added a new two-in-one tripod to its Befree Live lineup — a tripod it calls 'the most versatile model in the Befree range. ' Appropriately named the Manfrotto Befree 2N1, the contraption is both a tripod and monopod.

'The Befree 2N1 is made to enable quick and easy switching from a tripod to a monopod,' says Manfrotto. 'After a half-turn anticlockwise, a red rubber ring will appear on the tripod leg, providing the user with visual feedback that the tube can be safely removed for use as a monopod. '

The Befree 2N1 comes in two versions: one with Manfrotto's Quick Power Lock lever setup and one with its M-Lock twist setup. Both versions, which use Manfrotto's 494 Ball Head with 200PL PRO Plate for mounting the camera to, hold up to 8. 07kg/17. 8lbs and fold down to 40. 64cm/16in long. The legs extend using four dedicated sections and extends just shy of 152cm/60in for both models.

There's also a kit version of the lever-lock Befree 2N1 that comes with Manfrotto's fluid head and a dedicated case. This system is oriented more towards videography content capture.

Both versions of the Manfrotto Befree 2N1 tripods will retail for $220, while the video-centric kit version will retail for $240. You can pre-order all three models on B&H now. They're set to ship later September 2018.


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