Meike Unveils a 6-11mm f/3.5 Fisheye for Canon and Nikon APS-C

The Hong Kong brand Meike has announced the new MK 6-11mm f/3.5 fisheye lens for Canon EF and Nikon F cameras with APS-C sensors. The manual focus lens provides a 180-degree field of view when used on crop sensors, the same as what the $1,250 Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye lens gives on a full-frame […]

This is the Surface of a Comet

Back in 2014, the Rosetta spacecraft captured the world’s imagination by arriving at a comet and snapping the first-ever photos of a comet’s surface. Now here’s something that’s even better: a series of photos turned into a motion picture of what it’s like on the comet at ground level. The 1-second video was made by […]

Gallery Hunting for Photo Thief to Let Her Curate an Exhibit

An art gallery in Croatia is asking the public for help in identifying a thief who stole a photo from an exhibition. But the gallery isn’t trying to put the woman behind bars — it wants to give her the opportunity of curating an exhibition.

This 3-Year Timelapse Reveals How Quickly Seattle Has Grown

In January 2015, a 360-degree HD webcam was installed on top of the iconic Space Needle in Seattle. Ricardo Martin Brualla amassed still frames over the past 3 years and created this beautiful 4-minute time-lapse video showing how much Seattle has been developed over this period of time. Brualla is a Google researcher whose interests […]

Photographer Running Onto Field Gets Flattened by Football Player

The College Football Playoff National Championship was contested last night between Alabama and Georgia. After the game-winning touchdown throw in overtime — an instant classic — one photographer got a little too eager to capture the perfect shot of the unfolding celebration.


$80 f/1.2 Lens vs $1,500 f/1.2 Lens

How does a vintage $80 f/1. 2 prime lens stack up against a modern $1,500 f/1. 2 lens? Photographer Mathieu Stern recently decided to do a shootout to find out, and he shares his results in this 2. 5-minute video.

For Sale: Hasselblad 500c Cameras, Mold Edition

Now here’s an unusual camera sale: someone on eBay is selling two Hasselblad 500c cameras along with 80mm planar lenses and film backs. The caveat: both of the camera kits are “really moldy.

Canon Patents a New Lens Mount

Canon has applied for a patent for a brand new camera lens mount design that’s similar to its EF and EF-M mounts. Canon News first reported on the patent (#2018-084713), writing that the design may be a first hint at what’s to come in Canon’s upcoming full-frame mirrorless camera(s). Here’s a rough translation of the […]

NVIDIA’s AI-Powered ‘Content-Aware Fill’ is Mind-Blowing

NVIDIA is taking Photoshop-style “Content-Aware Fill” to the next level. The company has introduced a new state-of-the-art technique that uses AI to realistically reconstruct photos. This 2-minute video introduces the technology and contains examples that may blow your mind.

Nikon #1 in Full Frame Camera Sales During 2017 Holidays

Nikon’s monster D850 DSLR made a huge splash after it was announced in August 2017 and became the first DSLR to receive a score of 100 at DxOMark. Nikon soon apologized for the D850 getting sold out before it was even launched, and it seems the crazy demand held strong: Nikon actually became the #1 […]

Bird Photobombs Weather Report Live Cam

Live cam feeds can lead to hilarious photobombs. Emmy award-winning meteorologist Mark Tamayo of Oakland, California’s KTVU news station was doing his weather report last week when a bird decided to enter the frame.