Patent: Canon Stacked Image Sensor Technology

Keith over at Northlight has uncovered more sensor related patents. The first patent uses a stacked sensor design to move AF and liveview data handling off the sensor part of the chip, to allow switching between them – faster and lower power.

[USPTO] The second patentshows the use of a different MIS style (Metal/Insulator/Semiconductor) light Read more. . . .

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2017-12-27 18:38

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Canon patent shows curved sensor design

A new patent suggests Canons engineers might be working on a curved sensor design to reduce vignetting. Japanese blog Egami reports on a patent that was released on the 24th of November and describes an image sensor design with a flat central portion, where light fall-off from the lens is not much of an issue, and curved edges, where fall-off is generally more noticeable.

2016-12-02 23:42