F-Stop Cheat Sheet: Understanding How Aperture Works in Photography

If you've just picked up a camera that allows manual controls, among the variables at your fingertips is aperture. It's the opening of your lens, each size marked as an f-stop. Learning which f-stop to use to get your desired result is one of the fundamental lessons in photography, and for that, we have just the cheat sheet for you.

Things to Keep in Mind When Shooting with Expired Film

They probably don't know it, but the retro, dreamy look that a lot of people associate with film photography is usually caused by expired film. You can call some of the results as happy accidents, but that doesn't change the fact that expired film is tricky to shoot with.

Go Back to Basics and Overcome Creative Fatigue with Film Photography

Many of today's photographers are starting to do hybrid photography -- that is, shooting with both digital and film cameras. The former is for work, the latter for personal projects. With this setup, photographers often find it helpful for shaking up their routines, doing photography differently, and overcoming creative fatigue.

Solar Eclipse Photography

Gear Checklist Here are Amazon links to the gear you’ll need: Solar sunglasses. You won’t need glasses when you’re looking at your camera, but you’ll want to see the eclipse with your own eyes.