9 Ways You Can Create Better Black and White Photography

"For most of us these days, black and white is an afterthought, a creative filter we have on Instagram, a Lightroom preset we apply because that particular shot has too much color in it. Black and white is not generally something we pre-plan," lamented London-based photographer Jamie Windsor in one of his videos about black and white photography.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Choosing the Right Autofocus Point

The autofocus mode is certainly a blessing for many photographers, especially those who are just starting out. To provide the best results out of this mode, DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are equipped with AF focus point options, which allow users to set the focus on their subjects.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Explaining Camera Exposure to a Dummy

Mastering camera controls can be intimidating for beginners, especially for those who are upgrading from a smartphone camera. But, it doesn't have to stay that way. Today's photography cheat sheet will certainly help anyone who wants to have a better understanding of the three basic camera settings: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Staying Sharp for Action Shots

Photographing moving subjects can be tricky especially for beginners. Not only will it require using fast shutter speeds to freeze movement, but you also need to nail your focus. Today's photography cheat sheet will help you with the latter through some tips for choosing the right AF point depending on how your subject is moving.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Personal Brand Photo Shoot Ideas

Working your way to being a pro photographer? As mentioned in a previous photography cheat sheet we shared, part of establishing your own photography business is marketing your services. This is where effective branding comes in.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Quick Guide to ISO Settings

ISO is one of the elements that comprise a well-exposed photo, so it's definitely one of the things that you should master, especially when you want to learn how to shoot in manual mode. If you're still struggling with ISO settings and what they do to your photos, we have precisely the stuff to help you.

Three Things You Need to Know About Shooting in Manual Mode

Shooting in manual mode can seem intimidating to anyone who wants to have a go at it after being used to auto mode for a while. But once you understand how these three exposure elements work, you'll be on your way to mastering manual mode in no time, whether you're shooting film or digital. 

Photography Cheat Sheet: Newborn Photography Guide

Want to start capturing your little one's first milestones? Or maybe you're thinking of getting into the newborn photography business? There's more to it than random snapshots, so today's photography cheat sheet will be of great help to you.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Quick Lens Filter Guide

Ever wondered about how different filters work and what they can do to your photos? In a nutshell, these accessories are useful for addressing challenging lighting conditions or creating a certain mood or effect.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Flash Photography Tips and Tricks

Flash photography may seem daunting at first, but knowing how to work with lighting equipment like flashes and strobes will expand your skills and let you work with different shooting situations. It's an especially valuable skill if you want to do portrait photography.

Photography Cheat Sheet: When to Use Wide or Narrow Aperture

Whether you're just transitioning from a smartphone camera or an everyday point and shoot digital camera, working with aperture settings can be confusing. When do you choose a smaller aperture over a wider one? What effect does a wider aperture do to a photo? These could be some of the questions you find yourself asking, so we're sharing just the right cheat sheet to help you make sense of it.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Understanding Focal Lengths

The primary advantage of interchangeable lens cameras, as the term suggests, is that you'll be able to shoot using different lenses with varying focal lengths. Therefore, learning how focal length works and its relationship with the angle of view will help you choose the right lens for the kind of photography you want to do.

Photography Cheat Sheet: How to Read the Histogram

Understanding how the histogram works and what the graph readings mean are vital to a well-exposed photograph. We covered some basics in several tutorials, and also recently shared a photographer's insights on the common misconceptions about this graphical representation of the tonal values in an image.

F-Stop Cheat Sheet: Understanding How Aperture Works in Photography

If you've just picked up a camera that allows manual controls, among the variables at your fingertips is aperture. It's the opening of your lens, each size marked as an f-stop. Learning which f-stop to use to get your desired result is one of the fundamental lessons in photography, and for that, we have just the cheat sheet for you.

Things to Keep in Mind When Shooting with Expired Film

They probably don't know it, but the retro, dreamy look that a lot of people associate with film photography is usually caused by expired film. You can call some of the results as happy accidents, but that doesn't change the fact that expired film is tricky to shoot with.

Go Back to Basics and Overcome Creative Fatigue with Film Photography

Many of today's photographers are starting to do hybrid photography -- that is, shooting with both digital and film cameras. The former is for work, the latter for personal projects. With this setup, photographers often find it helpful for shaking up their routines, doing photography differently, and overcoming creative fatigue.

Solar Eclipse Photography

Gear Checklist Here are Amazon links to the gear you’ll need: Solar sunglasses. You won’t need glasses when you’re looking at your camera, but you’ll want to see the eclipse with your own eyes.