Let’s Talk About the Gender Gap in Art and Photography

It’s been a well-established fact that the gender gap stubbornly persists. This, despite women and their supporters standing up and fighting for equal rights for decades – now more than ever, even. If you’re scratching your head at this, mouth poised to argue otherwise or at the very least temper this generalization until it sounds into something more palatable, well, congratulations.

NY Daily News Cuts All Photographers

The New York Daily News slashed its editorial staff in half this week, and among the casualties of the layoffs was the entire team of photographers. The paper, which called itself “New York’s Picture Newspaper” for over 70 years, now has zero staff photographers.

What National Geographic Photo Editors Actually Do

Have you ever wondered what the photo editors at National Geographic do? No, they don’t sit around and edit pictures in Photoshop. In this 6-minute video, some of the biggest names in photography offer a glimpse into the closely-knit relationships between photographers and their editors.

Ian Forsyth: The Integrity of the Pictures is Paramount

It doesn't matter if you take quick snaps on an iphone or carry around the latest Nikon or whatever. Taking pictures is what it's all about but also remember to value your work. If you don't, who will? I'm not saying it's all about money but don't be afraid to charge for your work if making a living is what you're trying to do.

Mitja Kobal Documents the Japanese Way of the Blade Today

Whether you're a practicing photojournalist or simply interested in real-world photo narratives, today's fascinating set will certainly inspire you. Many centuries after the samurai rose to power in medieval and early-modern Japan, the excellent craftsmanship of their blades still persist to this day.

The Advantages of Being a Female Photojournalist

Pulitzer-nominated photojournalist Paula Bronstein tells us about her experience in Afghanistan. When it comes to documentary photography from the frontline of news, it takes a lot to beat Paula Bronstein’s body of work.

Xpert Advice: Telling More Effective Stories Through Depth of Field

One of the most effective ways to tell stories in your images is to use depth of field. It's a cinematic technique that filmmakers have been using for years and years. The fundamental way that story telling has worked is by having very specific things in focus for the viewer to pay attention to.


This AI-Powered Camera Only Shoots ‘Award-Winning’ Photos

The Trophy Camera is an experimental camera powered by artificial intelligence that can only shoot images that it deems to be “award-winning.” Using machine learning, media artist Dries Depoorter and PhD student/photographer Max Pinckers trained the camera to recognise common patterns in World Press Photo winners from 1955 until today. When a photograph is taken, the […]

NYTimes Correction: Photo Scene Had Item Removed to Kill Glare

An interesting story about ethics in photojournalism has emerged today: the New York Times has published a correction to a major story, saying that the original main photo had a picture frame removed from the scene because it was causing glare.