Douglas Fry’s Love Story About the Leica M10 and a 50mm

All images and words by Douglas Fry for the My Favorite Camera series. Used with permission. His favorite camera is the Leica M10. There is a photograph of me holding an old TLR camera and pointing it at my father aged about 5 at home in Dorset, UK. I don’t recall that pivotal moment, but

Folded Map Project’s Tonika Johnson Confronts Alec Soth and the NY Times

On September 5, 2020, The New York Times published “The Great Divide” – the latest entry in their “The America We Need” Times Opinion series – which examined neighborhoods on Chicago’s North Side and South Side and the enormous disparities in wealth and health that have emerged between them as a result of racist policies […]

Quick Tips and Tricks for the Fledgling Photojournalist

As with all genres of photography, mastering photojournalism will take years and a lot of practice to truly master. But, as a budding photojournalist, you also have to start somewhere. Fortunately, we have generations of great photojournalists to learn from, and some fundamental tips and tricks that have proved useful to the craft.

A Pulitzer-Winning Photojournalist on Capturing Tragedy and Humanity

PBS NewsHour just aired this 3-minute Brief but Spectacular episode in which Los Angeles Times staff photographer Marcus Yam talks about the challenge of documenting tragedy and humanity up close. Yam has won two Pulitzer Prizes already in his career: one as part of the Los Angeles Times‘ staff in covering the San Bernardino, California, […]

Renowned Chinese Photojournalist Lu Guang Goes Missing in China

One of the most famous Chinese photojournalists has gone missing in China, and there are reports that he was arrested by government security officers. Lu Guang, who has won some of photography’s most prestigious awards for documenting social issues in China, was visiting the Xinjiang region in northwest China when he was taken away, Lu’s […]