Drone Photo Tips: How To Make Inception-Like Images

If you’ve seen the movie Inception, you’re likely very familiar with that one scene where physical space is bent on top of itself. It’s one of the movie’s most iconic visuals, and in this 3-minute video, COOPH shows how you can easily make your own photos with an Inception vibe with a drone. The first […]

8 Reasons Why Your Photos Suck, and How to Fix Them

Professional photographers Daniel and Rachel of Mango Street have published a helpful video that covers the 8 most common mistakes that they see beginner photographers make. In other words: these are the 8 reasons why your photos suck, and how to fix them.

5 Creative Photo Hacks to Try with a Umbrella

Our friends over at COOPH have put together a fun video that might just inspire you to break out the umbrella for a fun photo shoot this weekend. The rapid-fire video goes through 5 creative photo “hacks” that you can do with a spare umbrella and a few other odds and ends like fairy lights, […]

The Dos and Donts of Landscape Photography

Seasoned landscape photographer Craig Roberts has some tips for the newbies out there, so get out your pen and pad and listen up: here are some top “Dos” and “Don’ts” for landscape photography.

How to Shoot Minimalist Photos, or: Stop Ripping Off Michael Kenna

The aesthetic of minimalism is very hard to achieve in a world that is full of content and never ending clutter. As photographers, how do we capture a scene in a minimalistic style without blatantly copying artists like Michael Kenna or Hiroshi Sugimoto? First, know the difference between copying, plagiarism, remixing, and inspiration. Take from […]

4 Lighting Principles I Wish Id Known When I Started Photography

When I first started photography, I struggled a lot with lighting. In the beginning, we’re often told to shoot our subjects in open shade, but if you dont know how to do this properly the results can be disastrous: faces with dark shadows, eyes with no depth, overexposed backgrounds, etc. To be able to create […]

How I Capture Genuine Moments with Complete Strangers

Ive got a love/hate relationship with lifestyle photography. Lifestyle photography for me photos that feel like candid moments where a person is looking at you and not your camera. Each photograph feels like the viewer is with them living in the moment with whomever is in the photograph, and I love that. I love being […]

10 Instagram Tips for Photographers

Small pictures can make a big difference in a mobile-driven world. Quite often other photographers tell me I dont have time for another social network and I dont need Instagram. Yet they spend hours posting on Facebook, 500px and Flickr where almost zero potential clients will see their work. Theyre basically getting followers, likes, and […]

4 Critical Tips for Shooting in Extreme Cold

I know that for a lot of people, the cold keeps them inside, but it can be really rewarding to go out in the bitter cold. Tonight I got the bug to go out and shoot, but the air temp was -15F (-26C), with a windchill of -30F (-34C). Here are a few reflections: 1. […]

How to Up Your Instagram Game, 16 Tips from Chris Burkard (2M Followers)

COOPH is back with another great video, this one featuring world-class travel photographer and TED speaker Chris Burkard. Burkard, who boasts over 2 million followers on Instagram, is here to share some tips on how you can “up your Instagram game” and get on his level. The rapid fire tips video is punctuated by glorious […]

10 Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Dog

If youre lucky enough to have a wonderful dog around while you’re stuck in lockdown, this is the perfect opportunity to hone your pet photography skills and try to get some beautiful portraits of your furry friend.

10 Lessons Learned from Botched Motorcycle Photo Shoots

When it comes to motorcycles, Im the grown-ass man equivalent of the 8-year old girl with the pony sweater that every single person knew in grade school. Im obsessed: theyre what got me into photography; motorcycle photography brings the funnest edits; and bikes are a huge part of my life. Ive shot a lot of […]

Tips and Advice for Photo Noobs, Courtesy of Kai Wong

Former DigitalRev host and photo industry personality (do we have those?) Kai Wong is setting aside the gear reviews for a minute to help out the photography “noobs. ” If you’re a beginner, he’s got some great tips, advice, and inspiration for you.