When to Shoot with Fuji PRO 400H and Kodak Portra 400

Curious about which between Fuji PRO 400H and Kodak Portra 400 is the best choice? What if we tell you that you can just choose both? The two films remain among the top choices for 400 ISO films, and each has its own character or look that you'd want to take advantage of for your next shoot.

The ‘Migrant Mother’ in Dorothea Lange’s Iconic Photo

Dorothea Lange’s iconic “Migrant Mother” is one of the most famous photographs ever taken. But who was the woman featured in the portrait? This 7-minute video from Today I Found Out delves in to the complete story behind the image.

Portraiture: Various Imaging Formats Visually Compared

If you were to look at the various imaging formats currently available on the market, would you be able to easily tell the difference between the bunch? We're out to prove a point in today's posts: most people most likely would not be able to tell if a photo was shot on Micro Four Thirds, Medium format, or full frame. Just take a look at this sample gallery we've put together.

Baron Walton: I Really Love Shooting Album Covers

Photographer Baron Walton is a truly creative type of photographer and he partially attributes this to being extroverted. "I develop a concept that I pitch to the artist/client. " states Baron in an email to the Phoblographer where he continues to state his work being concept driven.

The Essential Budget Portrait Kit: Nikon Photographer

Similarly to Canon, Nikon has been near the top of the photography market for some time now and as such, its always a popular choice for new photographers. As well, the plethora of options in terms of accessories and lenses makes building a budget kit in the Nikon system really doable.

Simple Lens Hack Creates ‘Bokeh Explosion’ Night Portraits

Photo lens experimenter and prolific YouTube filmmaker Mathieu Stern is at it again. This time, he took one of his old, cheap (do we even have to mention that?) Russian lenses and made one small modification to create what he calls a ‘bokeh explosion.

5 Tips For Great Portraits with Fujifilm’s Acros Simulation

One of the hallmarks of the Fujifilm digital camera system these days is their incredible film simulation profiles which not only produce beautiful colors and gorgeous black and whites, but also an incredibly real-looking and organic grain.

The Best MOO Business Cards for Photographers

Around the photo industry photographers and creatives have often turned to MOO for their business cards. It started years ago when some photographers got those little miniature half-sized cards, then the square cards, then a whole variety of them.


My Photo Shoot with Jennifer Lawrence

We all have our dreams. Some are simple, while others are complex, buried under an overwhelming mountain of hurdles. It’s not often that people live out their dreams. But, what happens when you do? What happens when you achieve every single goal in your path? How do you plan for the future when you have […]

This Photographer Built an Ice Dress for Her Maiden of Finland Photo Shoot

Look at Finland on a map (and squint your eyes a touch) and you’ll see a woman, standing strong, defiant, with one hand held high. This was the symbol Finnish photographer Suvi Sievila wanted to capture for her portrait The Maiden of Finland… but first she had to build a dress made of ice. Finland […]


Beginner Photography: Animal Interactions

Oh, hubris. I really thought this subject would be easy. I have animals! I can interact with them! How wrong I was. First, taking pictures of animals is difficult enough. They are generally fast moving, unless you know a sloth.

I Create These Dreamy Portraits Inspired By Blue Eyes

My name is Jovana Rikalo and I am fine art & portrait photographer. I love capturing dreamy portraits of female models who have bright eyes and unique beauty. Most of all, I am always looking for blue eyes.

I Bring Russian Fairy Tales To Life

My name is Margarita Kareva, I'm a photographer from the Ekaterinburg (Russia).  I started taking pictures about 5 years ago, had not even suspected that it will be my profession. Since then, I often say thanks to the Universe for giving me a passion for my life.