Save an Extra 20% on Photography Guides and Big Preset Bundles

The deals we have found for you on photography guides, software, presets, and more are fantastic. Throw in an extra 20% off the listed prices, and you have some genuine bargains. For a limited time, use the code COLUMBUS to save an additional 20% on any product over at Photowhoa.

This is the Cheapest We’ve Seen Olympus Cameras and These Presets

Trust us when we say these deals are incredible. Right now, deep discounts on Olympus cameras can save you up to $1,000. The excellent Olympus E-M1 II has dropped to an all-time low price of $999. The cost of the Olympus E-M1 III has fallen to just $1,399, and the Olympus E-M1X is only $1,999! There are deals on Olympus lenses like the 17mm f1.

Save 70%: 1,675 Presets, Overlays, and Brushes for Just $29

Photo editing can quickly become a chore, and it can also be incredibly time-consuming if you have a large batch of images to go through. You can quickly find that many of your pictures will go untouched because you simply run out of steam, or time to edit them all, but if you use overlays, brushes and presets, not only can photo editing become fun again, it can also save you a ton of time.

Cheap Photo: Free Photoshop 101, Big Sales on LR Presets and More

Bargains! Bargains galore, that's what we have for you in this roundup. If you have always wanted to get to grips with Photoshop, you should sign up for Kelvin Pimont's FREE Photoshop 101 masterclass! This class will give you a Photoshop foundation on which you can then build upon.

How You Can Create Cinematic Images for Just $39

Capture One Pro is an outstanding image editor. Ever since version 12 came along, third parties have been able to design and develop style packs for it, but until now, a lot of Capture One style packs have been a hundred dollars or more.

The Problem with Presets: Why You Should or Shouldn’t Use Them

A month ago, a photography podcast slammed the preset industry in a scathing episode that was all about how presets and the photographers who sell them are terrible. Now, the photographer duo behind the popular YouTube channel Mango Street are speaking up and sharing their thoughts on this contentious topic. While the original podcast didn’t […]

Cheap Photo: Snap Up These 3,900+ Lightroom Presets for Just $14.50

Now, this is a deal you don't want to miss out on. We have an exclusive offer for readers of The Phoblographer which will help you build your library of Lightroom presets. Until September 25th, you’ll be able to get over 3,900 Lightroom presets for the crazy low price of just $14.

Cheap Photo: 4,000 LR Presets for $39; Intro to Flash for $29!

Increasing our knowledge, and spending more time behind the camera; these are two things we all strive to do, and with these photography tutorials, and presets you can do both. Do you want to become better at flash photography? The Introduction To Flash For Children & Family Images by Mike Hagen is only $29! That's a bargain for 24 HD video lessons! You can save 86% off of 4,000 Lightroom presets with the 4,000 Unique Lightroom Preset Bundle which costs just $39, and you can take control of Photoshop with the 49 Photoshop Retouching Actions Bundle which is only $49!  Join us after the break to see the crazy deals on photography tutorials, presets and actions we have found for you.

3 Reasons to Create Your Own Lightroom Presets

When I first began dabbling in the world of landscape photography, I was enticed by the instant gratification of purchasing Lightroom presets. I was originally drawn in by the fact that I could instantly download these presets and I could instantly import them into Lightroom and instantly “improve” my own photos. I spent the majority […]

For $29: Boudoir Photography Tutorial Pack and 300+ Lightroom Presets

We've got some pretty great news for you all: we've teamed up with PhotoWhoa to bring you all a pretty awesome package if you're into boudoir photography, intimate portraiture, etc. Best of all, it's only $29! This special package was put together in collaboration with PhotoWhoa and is an exclusive for Phoblographer's readers.

Adobe Lightroom’s Latest Update Changes Camera Profiles and Your Presets

Adobe is continuing to bring new updates to Lightroom and Camera RAW in an effort to address many of the concerns that users have been voicing about the software. In the latest update, announced earlier today, they have decided to completely revamp their Camera Profiles functionality and adding it to Lightroom CC.

The Telling Black and White Portraiture of David Drake

Photographer David Drake is not only the man behind the vycra presets for Lightroom, but he's also a fantastic film photographer. "My step-father was at ground zero in NYC on September 11th 2001, and was photographed by the Magnum photographer Larry Towell.

How Andreas Levers Does His Beautiful “At Night” Series of Photos

We've featured the work of Andreas Levers here on the website before a number of times, but recently many of you fell head over heels for his At Night series. We saw a lot of comments asking about how he did the series, and so we decided that we'd talk to Andreas and see just exactly how At Night was done.

Setting Your Own Camera Defaults In Lightroom Is Easy As Pie

As much time as we are all spending in front of Lightroom as photographers, I think it is safe to say that we are all looking for ways to help processing go faster without sacrificing quality. This is one reason why creating your own presets is so helpful, it allows you to quickly and easily get the look and feel you are going for with a series of images with just a few clicks and tweaks.


How To Use Photoshop’s Dehaze Tool… in CS6

Photoshop CS6 lacks the powerful Dehaze feature Adobe released in 2015 and the program no longer gets updates, but for those unwilling to switch to Adobe’s subscription model it’s the latest version available.