21 Portrait Photography Lessons from 21 Great Photographers

My portrait photography education didn’t happen in a classroom, library, or workshop. Most of what I learned came from studying my heroes’ work, trying to figure out why I loved their pictures, and then putting my own twist on them.

f/0.95 and Be There: Fixing 10 Famous Photography Quotes

If you know me, then you know I love a good one-liner. In fact, I put together what may be the best collection of portrait photography quotes in history. But even I can get sick of hearing the same old pearls of wisdom from the same old boomers. So I’ve upgraded 10 famous photography quotes […]

7 Ideas Motivating Me in My Photography Right Now

A huge part of my photo practice is not taking photos. Photography is an inner game. What comes out in our photography is the total expression of who we are, how we think, and what we see. I realized a few years ago that to create good images I need to feed myself with ideas […]

Photography Topics: 12 Random Don’ts by Alfred Stieglitz (And So Much More)

"Don't believe that you become an artist the instant you received a gift Kodak on Xmas. " says photographer Alfred Stieglitz in an article. Mr. Stieglitz needs no introduction for those of us who have studied him and his works; but you'll be elated to know of an article that he published years ago in a no dead publication called Photography Topics.



40 Inspirational Photography Quotes… and 10 Funny Ones

From the deeply inspirational, to Ansel Adams' answer to the question, "which would you save from a burning building, your wife or your negatives," this list of photography quotes is just the thing to get you through Hump Day.