Review: Meural Canvas (The Photo Frame Every Photographer Needs)

I first encountered Meural at a gallery event hosted by Lomography, so when the Meural Canvas came about I was incredibly excited to try it out. When one thinks about photo frames and they've been in the industry for years, they think about what's essentially the precursor to the standard tablet device.

But you see, the Meural Canvas is more than that. It's a picture frame that connects to an outlet, has WiFi, and uses gestures from the user to interact with it. Oh yeah, and there's a mobile app and a membership plan that comes with it. Unlike reformatted Apple iPads though, the Meural Canvas has a matte screen and so it prevents reflections a great deal and enhances the images by providing its own backlighting. It also not only shows off photos, but can do videos and things like cinemagraphs. Then consider the fact that there is real wood and a ton of metal inside and you've got yourself one hell of a device that you'll want your photos to be on--but only if you either have the money for it or have a justification for actually using one for commercial reasons as a photographer. .

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2017-12-27 08:00

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