DxO tested the new Sony 85mm FE: It beats the Batis and comes close to the GM

DxOmark tested the new Sony 85mm f/1. 8 FE and concludes: Large high-speed primes such as the 85mm F1. 4 G Master are nice to have, but they are pricey, large, and sometimes intimidating. When it comes to moderate-speed lenses, it sometimes seems that manufacturers put price before outright optical performance.

Kevin Raber tests the new 16-35mm GM: proves that Sony is very serious

The new 16-35mm and 12-24mm lenses Kevin Raber from Luminous Landscape tested the new 16-35mm GM lens and wrote this: I was impressed with this lens for the one day I had it. It simply is a lens many of us have been waiting for, and once more proves that Sony is very serious about […] The post Kevin Raber tests the new 16-35mm GM: “proves that Sony is very serious” appeared first on sonyalpharumors.

Sony A9 Buffer by Jason Lanier and A9 review by Mark Galer

Jason Lanier posted this short A9 buffer test which once agains shows the impressive speed of the camera: And Marc Galer posted a video preview of the A9 with a set of full size images on Flickr: This is a new A9 video from Sony: Sony A9: Sony A9 at BHphoto,Adorama, Amazon, BestBuy.

Sony 16-35mm GM and 12-24mm G officially announced!

Sony just announced the new 16-35mm GM and 12-24mm FE lenses. The full press text can be read on that page at SonyAlphaRumors. More info here: Preorders start 8am Fri May 19 (NYC time): Sony 16-35mm f/2.

Zeiss Batis 135/2.8 OSS initial impressions by Per Kylberg

This is a Guest Post from Per Kylberg. He tested the new Zeiss Batis 135mm FE which just started to ship atAmazon, BHphoto, Amazon. de and Photo-Porst-Neuwied. ZeissBatis135/2. 8OSS–initialimpressions Freshesestpossibleleaves@2.

New Pitbull video shot on the Sony a7S with Otus and Loxia lenses

Zeiss Artisan and famous Rock Star Photographer Greg Watermann did shoot this new video from Pitbull on the Sony a7S with Otus and Loxia lenses. Listen Sony: I know Greg and many other pros can’t wait to get a new A7sIII with the A9 benefits (dual SD card, bigger battery).

Stick together twn Sony FF cameras and you get this

Image by Cinema5d At the NAB show Sony did announce the new S3CA E-mount camera which is basically a stripped down version of the Sony A7sII. If you stick 10 of those on the new VR rig created by Radiant Images you get this 360 degree tool.

Good news: Sony A9 buffer unload time is 36 seconds and not 2 minutes

The reviewers of the Sony A9 found that the weakest point of the A9 is the buffer unload time of 2 minutes. But there is good news. There seems to be a bug on the A9 (that will be fixed). And if you unload all pics on the faster UHS-II card it will take 36 […] The post Good news: Sony A9 buffer unload time is 36 seconds and not 2 minutes appeared first on sonyalpharumors.

Kai tests the Sony A9 and is impressed!

Kai (video on top) tested the Sony A9 and is quite impressed by its performance. And we also got many more test and first impression reviews by other reviewers: First Lok by Lok on Photogearnews Hands-on by Fstoppers Image samples at Fstoppers.

How to open the Sony A9 RAW files (Rawdigger, Corel Camera)

You can download Sony A9 RAW images from Imaging Resource. , Photographyblog. , Focus Numerique. and Photolari. But how do you open those files? These are two messages I got right now: Iliah: “RawDigger w/ support for SONY a9: RawDigger: https://www.

Tony Northrup first Sony A9 Image Quality evaluation

Eye detection in Sony a9 is the first I consider “reliable enough” for serious portraits. Faster, more accurate than DSLRs. Game changing! pic. twitter. com/FUsLiuDJJT Tony Northrup (@tonynorthrup) April 22, 2017 We read alot about the new Sony A9 specs and fast operations.

Side by side: Sony A9 vs A7rII

DC. watch posted these pictures comparing the new A9 vs the A7rII. Click on the images to see the full size image: Sony A9: Sony A9 at BHphoto,Adorama, Amazon, BestBuy. FocusCamera. Calumet. de.

Sony A9 aftermath: TheCameraStoreTV says hell yeah DSLR are dead !

If Jordan and Chris say so than hell yes…DSLR is over folks! Well not know, but soon. And the recon that DSLR will never be extinct and always remain as a niche. But they think (as I do) that the Sony A9 is just the beginning of the End for the classic DSLR cameras. Sony […]

Max Yuryev and Hugh Brownstone thoughts on the A9

Max Yuryev (video on top) and Hugh Brownstone (Video below) shared their thoughts on the new Sony A9. Spoiler: Of course they think it’s a game changer :) Sony A9: Sony A9 at BHphoto,Adorama, Amazon, BestBuy.

The new Sony A9 is the point of no return and the real first DSLR Killer!

The image above shows the Canon 1DxII vs Sony A9 vs Nikon D5 (via CameraSize). To put this into perspective the Sony A9… costs less than the two competitors, weights less than half, it’s obviously a lot smaller and more portable, shoots at way faster FPS, has a lot more Phase detection points 693(!) distributed […]

All A9 hands-on reports with first Sony A9 20fps test video!

The new Sony A9 with the new Sony 100-400mm GM lens. The day after let’s get an overview of all Sony A9 hands-on reports. But first a reminder: Join our new Sony A9 Facebook group which allows you to dicuss the a9 further and to post your own stuff once you have your A9 in […]

Sony A9 size comparison vs Canon and Nikon cameras

Camerasize added the A9 in their database and you can compare the size with any other camera. Compared to the current A7 series the grip is slightly chunkier grip. Preorders: Sony A9 at BHphoto, Amazon, Adorama.

New Meike A6500 battery grip reviewed by ThatCameraGuy

Just recently Meike introduced the new A6500 Battery Grip with Remote Controller whichis now in Stock at Amazon US, Amazon DE, Amazon UK. ThatCameraGuy tested it: The post New Meike A6500 battery grip reviewed by ThatCameraGuy appeared first on sonyalpharumors.

John Sison reviews the mighty $13,000 Sony 500mm f/4.0 G lens

The most expensive lens Sony is producing right now is the Sony 500mm f/2.0 G which sells for $13,000 at BHphoto and Amazon. Well that lens just got reviewed on the new Sony A99II by John Sison: Oh and don’t forget to watch the unboxing video of such a huge lens: The post John Sison reviews the mighty $13,000 Sony 500mm f/4.0 G lens appeared first on sonyalpharumors.

Zeiss Batis 135mm vs Sigma 135mm size comparison

via CameraSize As you can see from the image above the size different between the new Sony A7rII + and the Canon 5Dr + are small. In Zeiss defense we have to add: The Batis has weather sealing, in lens stabilization and more importantly it weights almost half as much as the Sigma! Preorders: Zeiss […] The post Zeiss Batis 135mm vs Sigma 135mm size comparison appeared first on sonyalpharumors.

Sony a99 Mk II Review (vs a7R II, Canon 5D Mk IV, Nikon D810)

Tony & Chelsea Northrup do think this is kind of the ultimate camera. The real issue Tony has with the camera is the uncertain future of A-mount. Also ePhotozine published their A99II review and do conclude: Sony last announced new Sony A mount lenses in 2015, which were updates to existing lenses.

New Zeiss Batis 135mm test by Lisa Beaney

Lisa Beaney tested the new Batis 135mm lens: The lens is a 2.8 lens and not a 1.8 or 1.4 as I know some people were hoping for. I dont think this would present a problem in the real world and to be honest Id much rather have a camera/lens combination that feels nicely balanced […] The post New Zeiss Batis 135mm test by Lisa Beaney appeared first on sonyalpharumors.