Carsten Witte Deconstructs Frankfurt in Dizzying Architectural Photography

We've seen a great deal of noteworthy architectural photography in the recent years, a lot of them clean and minimalist, some mind-bending, some moody, and others trippy. We're adding another one on the list: a collection of dizzying and hypnotic snaps of Frankfurt's architecture by Hamburg-based photographer Carsten Witte.

Abstract Visuals Dominate Fabio Giachetti’s Architectural Photography

A big chunk of the architectural photography we've featured in the recent past show us one of the most effective approaches to the genre: clean and minimalist in black and white. Today, we're adding one more to the pile with the works of Italy-based photographer Fabio Giachetti, who has makes the curves, shapes, and outlines shine in his architectural photography.

James Lattanzio’s Black and White Landscapes Work in Layers

Photographer James Lattanzio is a photographer based here in NYC, and he grew up with a love of the outdoors via weekend getaways to upstate. As things would have it, he eventually discovered Ansel Adams and the rest is quite simple to fill in the blanks.

The Light That Albert Watson Shapes

Albert Watson has been a working photographer in New York City since 1976, where he began primarily as a commercial photographer, before finding his passion and transitioning into a more fine art look.



Photographer Captures San Francisco Sights as Shapes

Photographer Burton Rast has just completed a new project titled, The Shapes of San Francisco. He spent 100 days exploring SF and shooting one photo per day of the city’s most popular and photographed sights, but “in a unique way.