These High Quality Photo Prints are Made in the Darkroom: Similar to Chrome Film!

Duggal renamed their chromogenic prints to their HD-C prints a number of years ago. Why? Maybe just to get with it in the digital world and for better marketing. But if you're understanding of how fantastic prints from darkroom processes can be, then you'll understand the affordable yet super high quality that they're delivering to customers via ShopDuggal.

Special Report: The Canon EOS R is Winning My Heart as a Portrait Photographer

Full disclosure, this piece is being written on an all expenses paid trip by Canon to Hawaii with a number of other journalists; but as I've stated before with not only the launch of the Canon EOS R, I'd much prefer to be at home in NYC testing a camera like this on my own terms and with little interference from a manufacturer for ethical reasons.

Review: Peak Design Slide Lite Strap II (On the Sony a6000)

With the Peak Design Slide Lite strap, you've got a brand new option and some cool innovations from the favorite company of many outdoors photographers. The Peak Design Slide Lite strap is a camera strap designed for lighter cameras--like mirrorless options.

Why I Absolutely Adore Compact Film Cameras for My Photography

The alternative title for this pretty personal blog post was something along the lines of "Compact Film Cameras are the Absolute Best And I Don't Care If You Call Me a Hipster You're a Hipster" but after a few rounds of video games to clear my mind, I decided against this motion.

The New Rollei Vario Chrome is a Versatile Slide Film

It's a great day when a new film emulsion is announced, and the new Rollei Vario Chrome was just born into the world. Rollei states that it's a slide film that seems to be pretty versatile. It can be exposed between ISO 200 and ISO 400.