Panasonic’s Digital Camera Business Named in Dwindling Profit Report

It's pretty insane to think that very soon, a very big camera manufacturer could fall--or at least that's what being hinted at with a new report about Panasonic's dwindling profits. In fact, six of the businesses under Panasonic aren't doing so great and one of those listed is the digital camera business.

Cheap Photo: Save Hundreds Off the Phottix Indra360!

TTL studio strobes are all of the rage these days in lighting circles and Phottix's Indra series is one of the more affordable options on the market that has been getting some good reviews. Currently you can pick up the Indra360 for over $400 off, a crazy good deal if you have been in the market for a set of these.

Cheap Photo: 3 Sony A7 Bodies On Sale

If you have been looking into picking up a Sony A7 series camera, maybe thinking about making the switch to mirrorless, than now may be the time for you to jump on that train. Two of Sony's latest high end A7 bodies, the A7r II and A7s II are both on sale right now, joining the original A7 which has been on its discounted $1000 price point for some time now.

Review: Rokinon 20mm f1.8 (Sony E Mount, FE)

Rokinon has for a while been the maker of affordable lenses capable of delivering very high quality photos--and the new Rokinon 20mm f1. 8 continues to hold the company to that very tradition. Like many of the company's other optics, you can expect some incredibly sharpness from this lens.

Review: Leica 40mm f2 Rokkor (Leica M Mount)

Most affectionately known as the lens that comes with the Leica CL, the Leica 40mm f2 Rokkor is also a bit of a hidden gem. To this day, it's one of the sharpest Leica lenses ever made and perhaps a lens that has held its value so well vs many other options on the market.

The Best Budget Lenses For Top Mirrorless Camera Systems

Budget lenses are a necessity for amateur and semi-professional photographers. Not everyone can afford to go out and drop $1000+ on a brand new lens, so the budget oriented shoppers look for lenses in that sub $1000 range to to really give them solid performance without breaking the bank.

Cheap Photo: Fujifilm, Canon, Nikon and Sony Savings For All

It has been a bit since we did a full cheap photo post, mostly thanks to myself being in Vegas for WPPI last week. So today we kick off your week with some great savings on everything from Instant prints to incredible cameras and lenses. Check it out!

Cheap Photo: Great Nikon, Olympus, Canon and Sony Savings

We hope that you all enjoyed your weekend, but that dreaded day that is Monday has returned and its back to work. But we figured we would give you a glimmer of joy today with some great deals on some of the gear that you have been looking to add to your kit.

Cheap Photo: Nikon Kits And ‘Tog Tech Deals

If you have been looking to switch over to the Nikon system, there are currently some good deals on Nikon kits available for stellar cameras like the D500 and D750, as well as more budget oriented options like the D3300.

Cheap Photo: Lens Savings For Team Red

There is always this constant ebb and flow of deals on a weekly basis, with deals popping up and fading away. Sometimes with few ever noticing they were there. That is why we have these Cheap Photo posts, to keep you all informed of the deals as we come across them, to save you money and help you maximize your photography budgets.

The Godox AD200 Witstro Monolight Gets Revealed

Godox recently revealed their AD200 Witstro monolight on Facebook; and the new monolight seems much different than most offerings out there already. For starters, it's a giant block--and has a flash head that is rectangular in shape vs the more traditional circular area.

Luminous Landscape Speculates DJI Bought Hasselblad

It’d be pretty insane for any of us to believe that a Chinese company purchased the aging and historical Hasselblad, but according to Kevin Raber over at Luminous Landscape, it seems to be the case.

Shooting Portraits with an f0.95 Lens on a Sony a7 II

It seems as if these days portrait photographers are concerned with two aspects of a lens above all else, its sharpness and its bokeh. To meet the needs of photographers who are looking for that ultra shallow depth of field and rich, creamy bokeh, companies like Mitakon have been releasing lenses in the .095 aperture range.

Cheap Photo: Continued Cyber Monday Week Deals To Be Had

Today we continue with our highlighting of the killer deals that are still available for Cyber Monday Week over on Amazon. Really, there are still some great deals to be had if you did not already drain your bank account completely over the course of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Cheap Photo: Sandisk and LaCie Savings To Whet Your Whistle

So the biggest shopping days of the year are now behind us, hopefully you got some great deals on items that you needed or wanted to gift. But just because the major deals are over doesn't mean the deals are done, today we have a great selection of good deals for those of you still looking to save some money.

Early Holiday Savings On Sony Cameras Ahead of The Big Weekend

We hope that you have been saving your spending money getting ready, because the deals this week are going to be coming fast and furious, starting today with some new Sony camera deals the company has announced ahead of the biggest shopping weekend of the year.

Reports Indicate Beefier Sony Full Frame Mirrorless Coming in 2017

There have been reports that Sony plans to release a higher end 'true pro' level mirrorless full frame camera for some time now, going back at least a year and a half or so. The general consensus of these reports centered around the naming of this newer camera being called something along the lines of an A9, to signify the unit being a class above the current crop of A7 series bodies.

Sample Photos: Sony RX100 Mv, Sony a99 II, Sony a6500

We've been in Austin with Sony for the past couple of days testing all their newest cameras out. Our Sony a99 II and Sony RX100 V first impressions have both been updates and hyperlinked accordingly, Below the jump, you can find a number of our sample images from the Sony a6500.

Review: Pentax K-1

The Pentax K-1 is a camera that is great in many ways. It offers features that Canon, Nikon and Sony just don't in a full frame DSLR while also keeping the price point fairly modest. Pentax's strategy for years was always to take professional grade features and bring them down to the consumer and enthusiast.

Review: Impact Venture VE-TTL (Sony Version)

In the past few years, Sony has been receiving more and more third party support in terms of flash support--Godox, Flashpoint, Phottix, Profoto and others have started supporting the system and the new Impact Venture VE-TTL monolight is one of the latest offerings to offer TTL support with Sony's flash system.

Cheap Photo: LG 27-Inch 4K IPS Monitor 25% Off

As sensor get higher and higher resolution, it is more important than ever that the modern photographer have enough pixels on their monitor to accurately display and work on their images. While 1080p monitors are still most popular, photographers should really be looking into QHD (2k) or UHD (4k) monitors for the best editing experience from a resolution perspective.

Cheap Photo: Panasonic LX100 Savings And More

Today's scavenger hunt for deals has turned up the following specials; including some great savings on Canon, Olympus, and Sony tech. Also be sure to check out the rest of the available deals through our quick links, it's a fast and easy way to save some major dough.

Cheap Photo: Big Savings on Lenses, Cameras and Tech

We all need tech -- be it monitors, SSD storage, powerbanks, etc. Today we highlight several great deals on some photographer-essential tech, so make sure to check it out, along with the rest of our deal links to discover some major savings for your wallet.

Sony анонсировала A99 Mark II

Новый флагман с байонетом А появится в продаже уже в ноябре. В честь 10-летия серии Alpha компания Sony объявила о выпуске новой SLT-камеры – A99 II. Новинка получила 5-осевую систему стабилизации изображения, возможность видеосъемки в 4К с битрейтом 100 Мбит/сек и снятием изображения со всей матрицы (как в Sony a6300 о которой мы недавно рассказывали), CMOS-матрицу […]