Instagram is Testing Multi-Photo Posts

Here’s a powerful feature that looks like it’s coming to Instagram: multi-photo galleries shared as a single post. Droid Life reports that Instagram appears to be testing out the feature with a very limited group of users who have version 10.


Britain’s Biggest Speed Camera Uses a Canon 100-400mm Lens

Gloucestershire police have unveiled Britain’s biggest speed camera. Called the A417, the portable camera can catch drivers violating laws from roughly 1,000 meters or about 3/5 of a mile. And on the front of the camera is a Canon 100-400mm f/4.

How NOT to Use a Reflective Umbrella

Photographer Holly Romaya was walking through a local mall in the Detroit metro area recently when she noticed something peculiar about the mall Santa photo area set up for kids portraits. It seems the people responsible for setting up the lighting equipment don’t actually know how it’s supposed to work. “As I was walking through […]