This Photographer Found Money in a Photo

While some photographers are struggling to make money from photography, Romanian photographer Florin Kiritescu is finding money in his photos. Literally. Kiritescu, a portrait and wedding photographer, did a photo shoot for a friend of his in a park this past weekend.

This Photographer Uses a Beer Helmet to Mount Flashes to His Head

Japanese photographer Nishihiro has come up with a clever and unusual lighting accessory: he turned a party helmet designed for beer cans into a way to mount off-camera flashes to his head. You can find these types of party helmets online for about $7 to $15, and they come with a can holder on each […]

The Mysterious Case of the Returning Leica

In November 2016, I was in a transitional part of my life (I still am) and was considering selling my Leica M2 and switching to a digital Ricoh GR. I listed the camera on several Facebook camera trading groups and the Australian/UK Craigslist alternative, Gumtree.


Fujifilm Launches Provia 100F-Flavored Instant Noodles

Fujifilm has launched its latest Film Simulation product: this time, they’re instant noodles. And no, it’s not a photo filter look that’s named “instant noodles” — Fujifilm literally released some real instant noodles.

Stock Students: Iowa Senate Hopefuls Used the Same Kids in Ads

Republican state senate candidates in Iowa have been releasing advertisements in recent weeks, introducing their lives, views, and plans. With all the photos and videos emerging at around the same time, someone noticed something peculiar: the candidates are all seen talking to the exact same group of kids in the same school hallway. The “stock […]


This Baseball Cap Lets You Attach a Camera to the Brim

Strapping a smartphone onto a POV ‘necklace’ is soooo last season. If you want the newest, coolest way to receive weird looks on the street, the Smabow baseball cap with camera mount is definitely the way to go.