How to Compose Intuitively in Street Photography

The following is a syndicated post originally found on Eric Kim’s blog. It has been published here with his permission. Syndication by Joy Celine Asto. When it comes to composition and photography, you must compose with your gut, and then analyze your best pictures with the best compositions afterwards.

Michelle Groskopf’s Street Photographs Use Flash to Tell a Story

Photographer Michelle Groskonpf is a fine art street photographer that shoots in a style and subject matter that you don't really see anywhere else. The LA based artist says that she used to be a "creeper" but these days finds happiness in the small moments of intimacy.

Anthony Kurtz Shows Everyday Life in Senegal with Powerful Street Portraits

Photography has the amazing power to show a slice of life virtually any corner of the globe, and I find projects harnessing this to be amazing. Joining my growing list of favorites of such works is a two-part series of Senegal street portraits by Berlin-based commercial, editorial, and art photographer Anthony Kurtz.

Since January 2016 I Have Been Chasing Dreams On The Streets Of London

We all have dreams that range in size, scope and silliness. Since January 2016 I have been photographing strangers on the streets of London and asking them, what is your dream? One of my dreams is to publish a street portraits photo book featuring the people I have met doing this.

Jonny Baker’s Lifestyle Street Portraits Focus on Street Fashion

All images by Jonny Baker. Used with permission. “Initially the impact fashion magazines had on me created my desire to develop my career and pick up the camera,” says Tel Aviv based photographer Jonny Baker about why he wanted to get into the Street Fashion genre of photography. “Bill Cunningham was a big inspiration to