Shooting Cityscapes at Night, From Composition to Lightroom

Shooting Cityscapes at night can be a great hobby for photographers and civilians alike, the city never moves, it’s always available to shoot and you can do it at your leisure. During the day and during the night you can take some breathtaking images that will capture the attention of your viewers.

I Made Some Miles To Take These Sunsets

I became a bit lazy, I did not go to the sunrise, but instead, whenever I had the opportunity, I escaped, and I spent the sunset with my camera by my favorite places. Results below!


Faces Of The Baltic Sea

I am a photographer living by the Baltic Sea. That sea is considered by many people to be uninteresting. I think that's not true.


29 photos that capture the magic of golden hour

We asked for your best photos capturing the magical qualities of this time of day, and we weren’t disappointed. The post 29 photos that capture the magic of golden hour appeared first on 500px ISO.