Andy Lee Used Infrared Photography for this Surreal Landscape Series

Infrared photography has always been a powerful tool for surreal and breathtaking landscape snaps, as we've already seen some of our previously featured photographers do. So, we're thrilled to add one more impressive project to the pile with yet another feature on Pembroke-based Andy Lee.

Reuben Wu Searches for Unfamiliar Terrain in Surreal Landscapes

As a multi-disciplinary artist, it's easy to see howChicago-based visual artist and music producer Reuben Wu seeks creative inspiration in the most stunning locations. Those who are familiar with his work know that surreal landscapes often do the trick for him, whether he's imagining space exploration through North American landscapes or revealing the beauty of a shrinking glacier in Peru.

Imagined Landscapes: I Create Surreal Self Portrait Photography

I’m Patty Maher and this is my most recent series of surreal self-portrait photography. This series is called “Imagined Landscapes". In this series the landscapes have all been constructed: none of these places exist in reality but have been pieced together to create an illusory world.

Surreal Photos Shot From the Sky

After purchasing a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone earlier this year, photographer Karen Jerzyk began using it to achieve a different perspective for her surreal style of photography. The resulting project is titled “Earth from Above.

Paul Hoi Used a Mamiya RZ67 and Expired Polaroids for These Surreal Landscapes

Traveling with film of all kinds and formats has become increasingly popular these days, and we all have the analog resurgence to thank for it. Instant films are now among the staples of traveling film photographers, and some would even be keen on experimenting with what expired Polaroid films are still out there.

Turn the Blind Eye: How I Turned a Concept Photo Idea Into Reality

Im not an environmental activist. Im more or less a regular dude who hates taking out biowaste, still drives a diesel because it’s cheaper, and recycles plastic because my wife tells me to. I enjoy our Finnish lake views, clean air, and peaceful sunsets, but rarely thought about losing them… until recently. I was on […]

Traversing the Tranquil Dreamworlds of Mikko Lagerstedt

If you're seeking inspiration for surreal and emotive imagery, the works of Finland-based Mikko Lagerstedt will certainly do the trick for you. The self-taught fine art photographer has made it his mission to capture the emotion of places through photography.

Dmitri Pryahin Captures Raw Inner Monologues in Unusual Expressions

When we photograph people, the goal is often to depict them at their best in their most flattering angles and most graceful expressions. Only in street photography and documentary projects do we often aim to capture our subjects as candidly or straightforwardly as possible.

Paolo Pettigiani Captures the Stunning Dolomites and its Surrounds in Infrared

With the breath-taking Dolomites among the most famous subjects and destinations of landscape photographers, it's not surprising to find a lot of impressive work showcasing it in different ways. We've previously seen it rendered in classic black and white, in moody colors, and even set against the Milky Way.

Paolo Pettigiani Captures the Stunning Dolomites and Its Surrounds in Infrared

With the breath-taking Dolomites among the most famous subjects and destinations of landscape photographers, it's not surprising to find a lot of impressive work showcasing it in different ways. We've previously seen it rendered in classic black and white, in moody colors, and even set against the Milky Way.

These Surreal Photos Were All Created Without Photoshop

Photographer John Dykstra says he believes in the power of perspective. His surreal photo style is created entirely with practical effects and simple ingredients — things like paint, chalk, and glass — rather than digital image manipulation techniques.

How I Made This Photo of a Girl Falling Asleep

I’ve always found that moment right before falling asleep fascinating. When you let go of your thoughts and fall into the land of dreams. For a long time I wanted to create an image about this, and last year I got the opportunity that was the perfect start. The Girl The idea for this project […]

Slime Inspired By Dali

Inspired by the Surrealist work of Salvador Dali, 'Slime' embarks on a contemporary exploration of the irrational and creative mindset we experience when dreaming. The slime moves through obscure, isolated environments.

Inside the Photographers Mind: Brooke DiDonatos Surreal Photography

Photographer Brooke DiDonato was the focus of our latest episode of Inside the Photographer's Mind, now located on Adorama's Facebook page. Her work is mostly focusing on the surreal and finds ways to make people really think about the images that they're seeing.

A Before and After Look at the Magic of a Photoshop Artist

Photographer and visual artist Antti Karppinen has been reimagining photos using Photoshop for over 23 years now. Here’s a before-and-after look at how Karppinen is able to take plain portraits (shot in studios, garages, and outdoors) and turn them into dreamlike images.

This Photographers House Burnt Down, Lets Help Him Raise Funds And Recover

Maybe you remember the Czech photographer Janek Sedlar, whose pics of dream-like forests in autumn went viral last year on Bored Panda. Well, now we bring you more of his surreal nature photographs, but this time there is a powerful reason for you to watch them carefully, because those maybe his last ones for a long time..

Creating a Photo of a Person Stealing Stars from the Night Sky

For his latest piece, titled “Stellantis,” surreal photography artist Erik Johansson set out to create a photo of someone stealing stars from the night sky. “I thought it would be nice if [it were] done with the help of an everyday object that we all can relate to,” Johansson writes. He eventually settled on the […]

Photos of the Border Between Childhood and Adulthood

Grown is a new photo series by Hamburg, Germany-based photographer Sebastian Baumann that “examines the border between childhood and adulthood — if there is any. ” “Each picture depicts physically grown individuals within a moment of sudden subconscious, almost apathetic, reflection,” Baumann says.

Masculinity: My Photo Series About Manhood

I have always found that the old model of what man should be is too restricted and often harmful. It inspired me to start this series and share my thoughts as images. “Toxic masculinity” term is used a lot nowadays and it was one of the things that made me think these issues more.

Multiple Exposures of Neon Lights and Nature Sights

Finnish photographer Christoffer Relander shot a mesmerizing and surreal series of photos in which he used multiple-exposure photography to blend views of Hong Kong cityscapes and Scandinavian nature.

This Photo Shows an Ice Cave Being Lit by a Flare

Here’s a beautiful and mind-bending photo captured by photographer Daniel Kordan. While at first glance it might look like some kind of Photoshopped composite showing a river under a sunset with unusual clouds, it’s actually a photo of an ice cave being illuminated by a flare.

I Costumed Myself To Express The Idea Of Otherness

In June 2017, I went to Deauville in France to create a photography project which would be exhibited during the Planche(s) Contact Festival. As soon as I arrived there, coming from Romania, I started to question myself about who I was in relation with the city - was I tourist? Was I an artist? Was I a woman? Was I Romanian? All I knew is that I was not from there; I was a stranger.

See How This Surreal Construction Image Was Shot and Processed

In 2016, world-famous photographer and digital artist Erik Johansson was commissioned by Swedish construction company NCC to create something special that showed the areas NCC was working. This is one of the 6 photos he created for them, and below he shows you how it was made.

I Give Soul To Each One Of My Works

My name is Raluca, I am a self-taught photographer living in Belgium and I admit: I use photography for recreating reality. I believe that when we photograph we project our whole inner world in order to understand what surrounds us.

I Collect Landscapes In Jars Using Analog Double Exposures

In this project, I have realized a childish dream. I play with the idea of being an ambitious collector; conserving my environments into a large personal collection. Most landscapes are from where I grew up, in the countryside in the south of Finland, where my roots still lie.

Sleepwalking In Outer Space My Aesthetic Vision Of Nature

I’m Al Mefer, a PhD student in Neuroscience from Spain. In July of 2018 I bought myself a camera and started picturing landscapes with my own vision. Here I present you of a series of outerspace-like visions of the wonderful world around us.