The Essential Budget Lenses for Every Nikon Photographer

What are the basics? The Essential lenses that every Nikon Photographer could use to create their art?  Photography is a wonderful thing; pick up any camera and any lens and with that you can capture the world, for just a moment, to be preserved as long as the medium which holds it survives. It is

Cheap Photo: Sony’s A7 II Is Now Just over $1,000

So unless you have been living under a rock for the last week you would know that the Sony A7 III was announced during WPPI 2018, and as you would expect, this meant that the A7 II also received a price drop.

Tamron Teases a New Lens Ahead of CP+

*Update* I am apparently blind and didn’t see the ring at the top of the lens, this is definitely a zoom. I’d like to think Tamron wouldn’t tease an APS-C superzoom, but…… Not to be outdone by Sigma’s recent 14-24mm f/2.

Cheap Photo: Save $400+ on a Tamron 70-200mm and More!

The beginning of this year so far has been a really mixed bag in terms of the deals that are available. There have been deals here and there on lenses and cameras that turn your head, and there have been others that really shouldn't register on your radar unless you were already planning to purchase said lens.

Quick Tips For Getting the Most Out Of Your 35mm Lens For Portraits

The 35mm focal length has long been an incredibly popular focal length choice for photographers of all genres and niches, but particularly of portrait photographers. This has especially been the case in the last several year's thanks to the introduction of great third-party options from companies like Sigma and Tamron which manage to control distortion, fringing, and other optical issues to produce images that are sharp and offer solid contrast.

Tamron Announces 100-400mm F4.5-6.3 Pricing and Availability

Tamron has announced the pricing and availability of their latest long-range telephoto zoom lens, a 100-400mm F4.5-6.3 that does include up to 4 stops of vibration compensation. It is being touted as a lightweight, compact lens that is perfect for sports and wildlife photographers.

How To Choose The Best 35mm Lens For You

The 35mm focal length is popular for all sorts of photography niches, from weddings to boudoir to wildlife to landscapes. This makes your choice of 35mm lens extra important because you are likely intending to use it in multiple scenarios.

The Phoblographer’s Guide to Tamron Prime Lenses

In our years of reviewing lenses, we've reviewed a whole lot of prime lenses--including every prime lens offering from Tamron. The company has worked on revamping their lineup for the past few years the same way that other lens manufacturers also have.

A Look into the Future – the New Tamron Logo

In keeping with their continued evolution as a lens manufacturer, Tamron revealed their newly redesigned logo, going with a full-caps design of the company name. The new Tamron Logo is a revamp in the brand’s identity that coincides with Tamron’s revamped SP series of camera lenses – it’s a renewal in their appearance as well

Cheap Photo: Sweet Olympus, Canon and Fujifilm Savings

If you are in the market for a budget flash option, the Altura N1001 noted below is a great deal right now at 50% off. Also, Canon's G7X is an incredible compact point and shoot option for those who can't splurge on a RX100 series camera but still want a very capable carry around camera. That is currently 14% off.

Patent: Tamron 115mm f/1.4 VC

It seems to be a never-ending parade of optical formula patents from Tamron, this time it’s a 115mm f/1. 4 VC. This is another fast and unique lens concept from Tamron. Patent Publication No.


10 Great Budget Lens Options For Street Photography

Street photography is a popular past time for photographers of all shapes and sizes thanks to it being something you can just grab your camera and go do for a few hours. Many photographers have obviously taken in beyond hobby status and turned it into a successful career, but for most, street photography is more about the artistic release being creative in an environment you have absolutely zero control over.